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Casey Gu (birthday: June 28), better known online as Nightmargin (also known as MachoNight), is a YouTube artist, character designer, musician, and co-writer of the game OneShot.

Casey's past/ongoing involvements in game development include Bless You, RipTess and the Forgotten Friend,[1] and LoliLoli: Race to the Moonlight Party. She also developed the webcomic Margin[2].

Nightmargin is a fan of Yume Nikki.flow]Yume 2kkiLcdDemIbOFFHOMEUndertaleCave StoryJourney, and Hyper Light Drifter, and has made numerous artworks and fan creations based on them.Most of Nightmargin's YouTube content involves the music she makes and skit videos.


Nightmargin is mostly known for taking part in the creation of the popular RPG game OneShot .

Casey's game, OneShot is available on Steam[3] and a free original version on RPGmaker.[4] The game has highly positive reviews on steam and is rated 10/10. On Metacritic, the game's rating is 81%.


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