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King of Mukbangs.

―Channel description.

We're back home, Shoo-be-doo!

―Nikocado's intro in 2020.

Nicholas Perry (Ukrainian: Ніколас Перрі; born: May 19, 1992 (1992-05-19) [age 32]), better known online as Nikocado Avocado, is a Ukrainian-American YouTuber who is known for his mukbang videos. He currently has six YouTube channels that have gained millions of views each. He is infamous on YouTube and its mukbang community for his childish behavior and excessive weight. Alongside Oompaville, he is a host of the D-Fire Podcast.

Personal life

Nikocado Avocado was born in the newly independent country of Ukraine in Eastern Europe. Despite being from Kherson, he was later adopted by an American family and grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States. He has a biological sister and information about his biological parents is unknown. He married Orlin Home since April 10, 2017, and their wedding was filmed at a Chick-fil-A restaurant joint.[1] They lived in Orlin's native country Colombia for three years before moving back to and settling in Orlando, Florida, United States.

Prior to YouTube, Nikocado worked as a freelance violinist in New York City.[2] At the age of 21, he had dreams of playing in the Broadway pit orchestra. While he believed he had the experience and talent to do so, it was difficult for him to make a living in the city and competition in the orchestra was too high. His height is believed to be between 5'6" (168 cm) to 5'8" (173 cm), and his weight is approximately 407.0 pounds. Based on his actual height, Nikocado would have a BMI of between 66.2 to 56.3, which would make him significantly morbidly obese.[citation needed]

YouTube History

Nikocado created his first and main YouTube channel on May 27, 2014, and his oldest undeleted videos were uploaded in 2016. His earliest videos that involved him eating consisted of a vegan or vegetarian menu as his personal diet. On September 2, 2016, he uploaded a video discussing his deteriorating mental health, believing that it was significantly caused by veganism, along with the retirement of Henya Mania's YouTube career.[3] Afterwards, he shifted to a more open diet, which had received positive feedback at this time.

Nikocado grew substantially during the next three years, primarily through his Fire Noodle Challenge videos, and occasionally from his fast-food mukbang videos. People were attracted to his positive and friendly attitude and relatable character, and Nikocado was gaining thousands of subscribers per day, and hundreds of thousands of views per month. However, in 2019, he began to slowly lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

During December 2021, Nikocado would then move out from his house temporary to make mukbang videos with his friend, the Hungry Fat Chick. A total of two videos released onto his main and the More Nikocado channels, respectively. In November of 2022, Nikocado briefly stayed a week at oompaville's house to conduct an interview. However, many of the questions that were asked were mainly used for comedy.

On November 17, 2022, Nick had a collaboration mukbang with both MeatCanyon and Oompaville, both of whom he befriended.[4]


Health conditions

Nikocado has made videos on his weight gain with the goal of reaching 300 pounds, which would make him morbidly obese, as he is generally believed to be 5'6" to 5'8" in height. This has prompted concern from a part of his community, as well as the YouTube community in general, with many saying that he is eating himself to death and that he needs to receive help. However, this has constantly been downplayed by Nikocado and his husband Orlin Home, as Nik repeatedly claims "it's just water weight". It is also implied that Nik has poor hygiene, possibly because he does not take a shower or brush his teeth. In a deleted video, he recorded his incontinence in bed, waking up and surprising Orlin, to then sing "Potatoes, chicken, and sandwich". He said incontinence was common in people who do "fire", or spicy food, challenges.

Nik has stated that for a week he was able to get out of bed only twice; one time to go to the bathroom and the other to record. He has also had a "serious heart attack" on camera when he was holding his breath, and Orlin fearfully went to the kitchen to bring him a jug of water.

On September 18, 2021, Nikocado uploaded a vlog in which he was in extraordinary pain from walking, and he later went to the hospital, where doctors found he broke three of his ribs and his trachea was bent. He was bedridden and diagnosed with sleep apnea, which is why he wore an oxygen mask.[5] However, over the course of a couple of weeks, he had recovered from being bedridden.

Despite this insistence that Nik's ribs were broken, there have been many inconsistencies throughout his videos, such as excruciating pain after slightly moving in one video, despite sometimes being able to move fine without any pain in another one. After a couple of videos, he appears to have dropped the act or forgotten it and is now walking around normally. Several fans and other physically disabled people have also voiced their offense and disgust at him since he claimed to be "disabled".

On April 24, 2023, Nikocado uploaded a video titled "How Much I Weigh Now... Pizza Mukbang", in which he claims that he lost about 89 lbs while showing loose skin on his arms. Much of the comment section and YouTube community praised Nikocado's effort to lose weight.

Abuse allegations

In late 2019, Nikocado faced controversy from a number of YouTubers, primarily Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi ASMR, for his abusive behavior during several collaboration videos.[6]

Commentary YouTuber AugustTheDuck would create videos about Nikocado, to which he responded, which ended up getting majorly disliked. On December 21, 2019, four days after the filming of Nikocado's collaboration video, Stephanie posted a video on her channel titled "Why I'm Scared of Nikocado Avocado", in which she described feeling unsafe before the video and during the filming of it. She claimed that Nikocado harassed her with text messages and disturbing pictures of her house when she briefly left the room.[7]

Stephanie's video garnered a lot of views and comments, and prompted a backlash from Nikocado, causing a fight between the two with their channels and the videos they uploaded. These videos have gained millions of views, with support for Stephanie and significant backlash and hate for Nikocado, as he lost 10,000 subscribers in one day. Most of his videos also had a higher dislike-to-like ratio, with the comment section in his videos being filled with hateful and derogatory comments targeted at him.[8]

Nikocado's husband Orlin Home spoke about the controversy, prompting YouTubers, viewers, and the comments section a cause for the decline of his mental health, and questioning their relationship. This also prompted many confusing videos from Nikocado, where he would tell his fanbase that he and Orlin were "down" and that he would be leaving YouTube.

However, neither Nikocado nor Orlin left YouTube, and many people believe that this, combined with the exaggerated clickbait thumbnails and toxic relationship between them, is meant to boost Nikocado's viewership, which was not in his favor. Nikocado was interviewed by Keemstar from DramaAlert on September 22, 2020, mainly discussing the future of his personal health. Nikocado repeatedly insisted to Keem that he is smart enough to overcome his "problem" and saying that he is engaging in light exercise with a treadmill. He stated that he believed this was the fastest way to burn fat.[9]

Feuds with YouTubers


On September 29, 2021, a new feud sparked between Nikocado and penguinz0. Charlie uploaded a video in which he expressed concern for Nikocado's health and eating practices.[10] The following day, Nikocado responded and interpreted the video as an attack on him and his fanbase. He also expressed concern over insulting comments that some of Charlie's fans had left and claimed that a majority of Charlie's viewers were maliciously attacking his channel with dislikes and hate.[11]

That same day, Charlie made a response video in which he stated that he wasn't intending to insult Nikocado and apologized for any hateful comments his fans may have left.[12] Charlie did not upload any follow up videos about ordeal, whilst Nikocado made multiple consecutive videos about the situation throughout the following week. Many people interpreted this as a move to attract more attention and benefit from drama.


On November 9, 2021, Nikocado made a video in which he attacked CoryxKenshin for reacting to MeatCanyon's "King of Mukbang" animation as part of his "Spooky Scary Sunday" video. He then proceeded to say many insulting things about Cory and his fanbase, and once again ridiculed people who play video games.[13]

Suspected murder of apartment neighbor heard

On March 16, 2022, Nikocado uploaded a video titled "Our Final Video Together • MUKBANG". During the video, a few screams are heard in the background, and many of his viewers suspected that it was a woman getting stabbed next door by an unknown perpetrator.[14] Nikocado responded to the situation through an Instagram video, offering his condolences to the family of the victim and saying "no one should ever deserve this, no matter what", sparking speculation that they might have died from their injuries.[15]

"Two Steps Ahead" Video

In early February 2022, Nikocado uploaded a video of himself claiming that all of his videos (and channels as a whole) were part of a social experiment done so he could observe the toxic and impulsive behavior of people online. Notably in said video, he stated that he was always "two steps ahead" of everyone else and that he had been making himself the "villain". The video has been archived and reuploaded here. The ominous way he presented himself led to the video quickly becoming a meme, and the transcript of the video was turned into a copypasta.

Many of Nikocado's fans and non-audience members alike thought that he was breaking character and admitting that all his behavior had indeed been faked. However, he responded on TikTok by saying he was surprised that a lot of people believed him[16], which led to some backlash. Despite this apparent confirmation that nothing said in the video was true, his exact reasons for uploading the video in the first place remain unknown.

Clickbait and faking injuries

On February 14, 2022, Nikocado uploaded a video titled "I Broke My Heel Ribs..." onto his More Nikocado channel with him explaining how he broke it. However, most viewers knew it was an act to gain benefit from it, similar to how his behavior was a "social experiment".

On April 3, 2022, Nikocado uploaded a video called "I Might Have Cancer". Many people found it hard to take him seriously as he has claimed to have serious medical ailments in the past as a form of clickbait and believe that him claiming to have Cancer crosses the line.

On June 29, 2022, Nikocado uploaded a video titled "I'm having a REALLY bad day...Mcdonald's MUKBANG". In the video, he appears more subdued and depressed instead of loud and bombastic. This was the latest video he's posted on any of his channels. People are split over whether Nick's exaggerated a situation for sympathy, which he's done in the past, or if he's genuinely depressed and taking a break from YouTube. However, he would eventually return to post his typical mukbang videos.

On August 5, 2022, Nikocado uploaded a video titled "I wasn't allowed to post this Mukbang". In the comment section of the video, he posted a link stating "Why I Disappeared....:". This would in turn lead to more comment and description links until it led to the video "Nuclear Fire Noodles With Chick-Fil-A • MUKBANG". Some shrugged it off as another of Nikocado Avocado's attempt on getting attention.

On November 7, 2022, when asked by Oompaville about his fake health conditions, Nikocado responded saying he doesn't clickbait, but also mentions he's had previous health issues, such as pain in his hand and heart attacks.[17]

Channel status

Currently, Nikocado Avocado has six channels: Nikocado Avocado (main), Nikocado Avocado 2, Nikocado Avocado 3, More Nikocado, Nikocado Shorts, and Noodle King. He was formerly activating regularly until late-2022, but due to his health issues the channel is now unscheduled and some of the channel being inactive as of February 2024.


  • "Hi, my little sloths!" (Nikocado's past intro)
  • "It's just water weight." (arguably Nikocado's most infamous excuse about his excessive weight)
  • "I identify as skinny!"
  • "All these people!"
  • "When I started mukbangs, I was 150 pounds, maybe 160. I can't really remember."
  • "Why do vegans have to make everything about veganism? Why? There's so much more to life than veganism."
  • "I...I don't think I will ever be 300. If I am, trust me, we're gonna make some major changes."
  • "My body seems very uncomfortable. Eating the amount I do has a very strong stopping point, and if I overstuff, I notice I don't get hungry until later in the next day."
  • "My scale is a liar! She's always lying to, I stood on my scale and she says "You need an operation.", overload, OVERLOAD! I'll show you overload lady! *Runs* I'm skinny!"
  • "Y'know, I sit up here in my tower and watch everyone struggle and be poor. It's so entertaining, I love watching poor people, they struggle."
  • "Shining bright like a diamond."
  • "I'm fat and I don't care anymore. I wanna get to 300 and then 400 and then 500 and then 600."
  • "You are stupid, you are so, soooo stupid."
  • "Well if I'm fat, might as well stay fat."
  • "What? Why am I losing weight? Why can't I hit 300?"
  • "I have to lose weight for two years. I'm just not gonna do it. How about that?"
  • "That's not the number one killer. Chips? No."
  • "Am I destroying myself?"
  • "Stop, you're gonna make me fart! *(farts)*"
  • "Say hello to my double chin."
  • "So let's see how much I weigh."
  • "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!"
  • "I can't SEE!"
  • "*(singing)* Pizza is a vegetable, Michelle Obama says!"
  • "It's all your fault! We were VEGAAAAAAAAAAAAANS!!!"
  • "These fries are good."
  • "I haven't had Doritos in forever."
  • "I might have to put another pack of ramen in here."
  • "Hey Siri please call Nancy!"
  • "Not that one... Not that one, not that one."
  • "So today I will be eating all five packs cus I'm very hungry thank you."
  • "Excuse me excuse me excuse you!"
  • "Am I alive I don't even know. *(cries)*"
  • "You are a disgrace!"
  • "This is defamation!"
  • "Diabetes! EHEHEHEEEE-HEEEE!"
  • "Why are you crying? I should be the one crying!"
  • "I almost passed away for your entertainment you piece of crap you entitled little brat!"
  • "And I was on that toilet and I had diarrhea for seven and a half hours."
  • "Ugh! I'm mad!"
  • "Look what you did to my FACE!"
  • "I'm so upset this better be good."
  • "I miss vegetables! *(cries)*"
  • "You dead you died, you got diabetes, you have cholesterol and it's a fleetees!"
  • "I stink it smells like cheddar cheese in between my legs."
  • "And this is my last pair of sheets, cus I pooped on the others!"
  • "Ouch! My finger! *(cries)* I'm seeing stars, *(pants)* My double chin is choking me!"
  • "You know I used to do Irish step dancing?"
  • "Stupid! You discriminate fat people!"
  • "This is false marketing."
  • "I'm still so physically fit b*tch."
  • "Oh my God… I-I hurt…I'm seeing stars turn off the camera."
  • "It's YOUR faults!"
  • "Jeepers creepers!"
  • "I'm sending this to the police!"
  • "I'm NOT the muffin man!"
  • "I'm hoping I'm praying that this is just water weight, that this is water weight and it comes off in like a week of just not being so stressed because stress is our number one killer."
  • "Disgusting! I stink!"
  • "You guys I'm 200 pounds."
  • "I'm calling corporate!"
  • "I love cheeeeese...du-dun."
  • "I don't believe in salads!!"
  • "That looks like salad.... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!"
  • "WHEEEEEEEEERE'S THE CHEESE!? I asked for extra cheese!"
  • "Goodbye to your hair *(looks around)* goodbye to my bootyhole. *(sobs)*"
  • "Who are YOU, lady?" (responsing to That Vegan Teacher)
  • "*(singing)* Popeye's Chicken Sandwich... Popeye's Chicken Sandwich... *(cries)*" (arguably Nikocado's most famous clip, which has become an internet meme)
  • "I'm getting fat and I don't know why!" (one of Nikocado's several repeatedly used video titles)
  • "Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart Wal-Mart. Target? (accidentally gets hit by a hanger that he is holding) OUUUUCH! *(cries*)"
  • "Stop! I'm farting."
  • "Get away from me, you PEASANT!"
  • "Go away, you are ruining my show."
  • "Orlin, your jokes are getting old, no one likes them anymore."
  • "My weight is a medical mystery."
  • "Why did you take off all your clothes? *(shouting)* PUT YOUR CLOTHES BACK ON FOR MY VISUAL PIECE! YOU ARE DISRUPTING MY VISUAL PIECE! YOU ARE DISRUPTING MY VISUAL PIECE! Put your clothes back on, ugh!"
  • "OW, MY FINGER!"
  • "Diabetes. *(cries)*"
  • "Not everyone is as smart as me, I guess." *(food falls)* *(cries)*
  • "You're not eating here, goodbye." (to Orlin Home)
  • "SHIT!"
  • "DON'T look at me lady!"
  • "SQUEEZE!"
  • "Finding chairs that could hold my size was such a nightmare because I'm 350."
  • "I'm back home, shoo be doo I'm home, HE-LLO, I'm back home, shoo be doo I'm home, HE-LLO and this is HOOOOT AND STEEAAAAMY cause we're eating..."
  • "You know, I sit up here in my tower and watch everyone struggle and be poor. It's so entertaining. I love watching poor people. They struggle. Oh, I just need popcorn. I could sit here and watch them struggle all day."
  • "I don't claim to be healthy. I don't tell people to eat like I do. I don't claim to be perfect. I almost always admit when I make mistakes. I don't tell people what to believe, what to feel, or what to think. I'm not always happy, and yes, I have bad days like everybody else...Yet, people hold me on some kind of pedestal, expecting me to act as a leader. It's not my obligation to be a leader. When I signed up for YouTube, I wanted to share my life, flaws and all. That's it. I wanted to express myself and make people laugh. I wanted to share my personal experiences while also sharing my love for food. But again, it's not my obligation to be a leader, and I hate when people act like I'm some kind of evil person when "straying away from my promises," when in fact, I never made such promises. I'm not a leader or a politician; I'm just a regular guy." (Nikocado in a YouTube community post)
  • "Two steps ahead. I am always two steps ahead. This has been the greatest social experiment I've come to know. Certainly the greatest social experiment, of my entire life. It's alluring. It's compelling. It's gripping, to bear witness, to observe all these unwell, unbalanced, disoriented beings, roam the internet, in search of stories. In search of ideas. Of conflict. Of rivalries. Where people develop a distinctive desire for direct engagement. Where people feel involved with the stories. And therefore become product of influence. Thirsty for distraction from time unspent from lackluster lifestyles. Spoiling their minds, while stimulating them at the exact same time. It's brilliant. But it's also dangerous. It's dangerous. I feel as if my life has been positioned to where I am monitoring ants on an ant farm. One follows another, follows another, follows another. It's mesmerizing. It's enthralling. It's spellbinding. Just look at all these consumers. All of these lost, and bored, people. Consuming anything that they're told to consume. I am the villain, if I make myself one. And people will consume these stories, year, after year, after year. Stories that are deliberately made to blur the boundaries between fact and fiction. People are the most fucked up creatures, on this planet. And they will continue to consume, And I’ll continue to stay two steps ahead. Stories that shock. Today, I thought it would be a splendid idea to go out and get some food. Gee, are you surprised? Have you forgotten the story? Are you not paying attention? After all, you're here to consume, are you not?" (Nikocado's infamous "Two Steps Ahead" video)[18]
  • "Magic potion hear me speak, because I know Orlin smells like feet, I need to eat some a-treat! I will destroy those who make fun of me... My haters online! And when I said it is time... to do a spell! SPAGHETTIOS!"
  • "When you're reincarnated, you'll come back as a bug. Guess what? Fish eat fish, bugs eat bugs, plants eat plants, birds eat birds, there's always winners and losers and that's the- that's the journey of life!"


  • Nikocado says he edits his videos and thumbnails for YouTube.[19]
  • He originally wanted to be the spokesperson for The Heart Attack Grill, but the owners declined due to the previous spokesperson's deaths.
  • His favorite snack is Takis, and his favorite fast-food restaurant is McDonalds; both brands' food appear in a majority of his videos.
  • The highest amount of money he has spent on food is $400 for the whole menu at The Cheesecake Factory.
  • He claims to be diagnosed with bipolar disorder and dissociative identity disorder, which would possibly explain his spontaneous and tearful outbursts.[20]
  • His pets are Mr. Noodle the Parrot, Miss Kitty the Persian Cat, and Kiwi the Sloth.
  • He refers to his fans and viewers in general as "peasants".
  • He claims to have 27.5 IQ, as revealed in Oompaville's video "It's Your Fault".[21]