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Nikocado Avocado has more than One Million Subscribers
Nikocado Avocado makes cooking videos
Nikocado Avocado is a Vlogger
Nikocado Avocado is from Ukraine
Nikocado Avocado is male
Nikocado Avocado created their account in 2012
Nikocado Avocado is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Nikocado Avocado is a Content Creator on YouTube

We're back home, Shoo-be-doo!

―Nikocado's Intro

Nicholas Perry (Ukrainian: Ніколас Перрі) (born: May 19, 1992 (1992-05-19) [age 29]), better known online as Nikocado Avocado, is a Ukrainian YouTuber and Mukbanger known for his mukbang videos. He has 5 channels that have gained millions of views. He has become infamous on YouTube and in the mukbang community for his bombastic personality and drastic weight gain.

Family & Early Life

Nikocado Avocado was born in the newly-independent Ukraine in Eastern Europe. He was later adopted and grew up in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States. He has a sister, and information on his parents is unknown. He is currently married to Orlin Home, they got married on April 10, 2017, and their wedding was filmed at a Chic-Fil-A. They lived in Columbia for three years before moving to Florida, United States. Prior to YouTube, Nikocado worked as a freelance violinist in New York City. At 21, he had dreams of playing in the Broadway pit orchestra. While he believed he had the experience and talent to do so, it was difficult to make a living in the city and the competition was too high. His height is 5ft11 1/2 (181cm).

YouTube History

Early YouTube Days (2016 - 2017)

Nikocado signed up for YouTube on May 27, 2014, however his oldest surviving videos were uploaded in 2016. His early eating videos were him eating a vegan or vegetarian menu as his personal diet. On September 2, 2016, he uploaded a video discussing his deteriorating mental health believing that it was significantly caused by veganism, along with the retirement of Henya Mania's YouTube career. Afterward, he shifted to a more open diet, which would eventually consist of absurd amounts of unhealthy foods, which has received positive feedback.

Channel Growth, Subscriber Increase (2017 - 2019)

Nikocado grew substantially during the next three years, primarily through his Fire Noodle Challenge videos, but also from his fast-food video mukbangs. People were attracted to his positive and friendly attitude and relatable character. He was gaining thousands of subscribers per day and hundreds of thousands of views per month, and it seemed all was going well for him. However, in early 2019 and into 2020, things have been on the downward trend for him for many reasons.

Controversy, Subscriber Loss and Channel Status Decline (2019 - present)

In late 2019, Nikocado faced controversy with a number of YouTubers, primarily Stephanie Soo and Zach Choi for abusive behavior during several collaboration videos. Four days after the filming of the video, Stephanie Soo posted a video on her channel titled "Why I'm Scared of Nikocado Avocado", in which she described feeling unsafe before the video and during the filming of it. She claimed that Nikocado sent harassed her with text messages and inappropriate pictures of her house when she briefly left the room. Within hours, the video blew up with hundreds of thousands of views (over 10 million today). Her response prompted a backlash from Nikocado, causing a fight between the two with their channels and the videos they uploaded. These videos have gained millions of views, with support for Stephanie and significant backlash for Nikocado. Nikocado received the most hate during this time period, losing 10,000 subscribers in one day, and with most of his videos having a higher dislike to like ratio, with the comment section being filled with hateful and derogatory comments.

His husband, Orlin, spoke about the controversy, prompting YouTube and the comment section a cause for the decline of his mental health, and the questioning of their relationship. This also prompted many confusing videos from Nikocado where he would tell his fanbase that he and Orlin were down and that he would be leaving YouTube. This has not been the case, and many people believe that this, combined with the exaggerated thumbnails, is clickbait from Nikocado to boost viewership and restore his channel, which has not been working favorably for him. Perry was interviewed by Keemstar on September 22, 2020, along with LeafyIsHere mainly discussing the future of his personal health. He kept on insisting Keemstar that he is smart enough to overcome his obesity problem and saying that he has a treadmill and is doing light exercise, claiming it to be the fastest way to burn fat.

Recently, Nick had opened an OnlyFans account where he posts pornographic images along with Orlin. Many fans were disgusted by his decision and images, mostly due to the appalling photos and his appearance. Nick had also warned people not to leak the images; otherwise he would sue the leakers.

Another controversy sparked up after he supposedly broke his ribs. Despite his insistence that his ribs are broken, there have been many inconsistencies throughout his videos. Such as excruciating pain after only moving a little bit in one video, but sometimes being able to move just fine in another one. After a couple of videos, he appears to have dropped the act or forgotten it, and is now walking around normally. Several fans and other physically disabled people have also voiced their offense and disgust at him since he claimed to be "disabled".

As of September 29th, 2021, another controversy has been his feud with penguinz0. The latter uploaded a video in which he expressed concern for Nikocado's health. The same day, Nikocado angrily responded and interpreted the video as penguinz0 saying many rude and insulting things about him and his fanbase, as well as claiming that penguinz0's subscribers were attacking him. The following day, penguinz0 made a response video in which he stated that he wasn't intending to insult Nikocado and apologized for any hateful comments his fans may have left. Since then, penguinz0 has moved on while Nikocado seems determined to start drama for views. Almost every one of his recent videos has him insult penguinz0, his fanbase, the Gaming Community, and claiming that every negative comment and dislike is from penguinz0's fans, despite the fact that his popularity has been decreasing for a few years. Most comments on both channels have been in favor of penguinz0, saying that he didn't do anything wrong and that Nikocado is only trying to continue the feud for views, with many calling him a Bully.

Current Channel Status and Health

Currently, Nikocado Avocado has 5 channels: Nikocado Avocado (main), Nikocado Avocado 2, Nikocado Avocado 3, More Nikocado, and Noodle King. He makes regular, weekly posts to each of these channels, with a common theme of mukbang, although will sometimes post cooking and vlogging videos. Unfortunately, despite the constant channel creation and uploading, views are on the decline and the dislikes are on the rise.

Nikocado Avocado has also more recently made videos on his weight gain with the goal of reaching 300 pounds. This has prompted concern from the community, with many saying that he is eating himself to death and that he needs to receive help, but this has constantly been downplayed by Nikocado and his husband. It is unknown whether he will make channels in the future or not. On September 18, 2021, Nikocado made a vlog in which he was in extraordinary pain from walking. He later went to the hospital and doctors found he broke three of his ribs and his trachea was bent. He has to be bed ridden and was diagnosed with sleep apnea which is why he wears a breathing machine. But over the course of a couple of weeks, he has since recovered from being bed ridden. His current weight is 350 lbs.


  • "It's just water weight."
  • "I identify as skinny!"
  • "Well if I'm fat, might as well stay fat."
  • "Stop, your gonna make me fart!"
  • "Say hello to my double chin."


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