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Nintendo Wire is an American YouTube channel that focuses mainly on Nintendo news, particularly Nintendo games and the company's line of amiibo figures. The channel features daily news recaps, unboxings, contests, giveaways, tournaments, and much more. The hosts of the channel are TJ, Dark TJ, Lauren, and Jason.


Nintendo Wiretap

The Nintendo Wiretap is a daily series in which Jason recaps the day's biggest Nintendo news.

Smash Supremacy

Smash Supremacy is a series where 2 Amiibo are put against each other in a Smash Bros battle.

Mii V Mii

Mii V Mii is a series where TJ and Dark TJ choose a fighter to fight beside them in a Smash Bros battle.

Mii Time

Mii Time is a series of discussions where TJ discusses gaming-related topics.

Custom Conquest

This is a tutorial series on how to make custom Amiibo.

Pokemon Visual Pokedex

Pokemon Visual Pokedex is a series where TJ sets out on a quest to complete the Pokedex with a series of visual entries.

Custom Mii Fighter Amiibo Cards

This is a series where TJ makes Amiibo cards of custom Mii Fighters.

The Nintendo Newscast

The Nintendo Newscast is a podcast where Lauren and Jason report on the latest Nintendo news.

Amiibo Newscast

Amiibo Newscast is a podcast where Jason and a guest star discuss the latest Amiibo news.

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