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Drew (age 24), better known online as Nintendrew, is an American YouTuber who focuses on collecting current and retro games. His content covers a variety of Nintendo and gaming topics, including reviews, retrospectives, and DIY/how-to projects.

Recurring Video Topics

Below are a list of some of Nintendrew's video topics on his channel.


These videos are about gaming-related things that his viewers can make themselves. These include 3D-Printed Custom amiibo, Nintendo Switch Arcade Cabinet Dock, Cappy in Real Life, and more.

Rarest Games

This series talks about the rarest games of a certain console. Examples include the rarest GameCube, SNES, and NES games.

Nintendrew Reviews

Nintendrew reviews games of all genres, accessories, emulation machines, and more.

Retrospective Lists

These videos usually talk about 5 or 10 gaming-related topics, like 5 Mario Games on Non-Nintendo Platforms and 5 N64 Games That Were Ahead of Their Time.


  • He worked as a game programmer and has published numerous games on iOS, Android, and Steam.
  • His favorite TV show is Tim and Eric: Awesome Show - Great Job!
  • He has a complete Virtual Boy and Nintendo 64 game collection.
  • His favorite foods are Nashville Hot Chicken, sushi, and Indian chicken makhani.
  • He has a bunch of collaboration videos with Nathaniel Bandy, Hobo Bros, SimpleFlips, and more.
  • He used to make Source Filmmaker videos.
  • His channel used to be called “DaManWithDaPlan”
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