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Noah (born: December 31, 2001 (2001-12-31) [age 18]), better known online as NoahsNoah, is an English comedic gaming YouTuber well-known for his Fortnite: Battle Royale videos. He is well-known for his “Fortnite Dank Memes” compilation series. Noah also has a “[Fortnite weapon] succs” series, where he reviews a Fortnite weapon that is added in every update. Some of Noah’s Fortnite videos are about random topics, such as “Getting Roasted By Defaults” or “What Happens When You Shoot A Pet?”.


Ceeday vs NoahsNoah

NoahsNoah and Ceeday are both highly known for their comedic gameplays on Fortnite.

Noah wanted to start a trend, much like MaximilianMus's 'Oh Yeah Yeah' spam, Noah asked all his fans to change their profile picture to a photoshopped stretched recruit from Fortnite (often called "Craig") and comment 'Oh No No' in the comments section. NoahsNoah showed an example of Ceeday's comment section of his latest video.

Ceeday responded to that with the video 'SMASH CODE CEEDAYY',[1] telling all of Ceeday's fans to comment 'Use Code Ceedayy' (Ceeday's Support-A-Creator code). It was successful on Ceeday's part.

NoahsNoah then made a response called 'Message to Ceeday',[2] parodying what Ceeday did when he created the video 'Message to Tfue'[3]. Noah made a picture of Ceeday in the 'KILLSHOT' image originally by Eminem.

Noah told Ceeday that there will be 3 rounds. One will be a standard one versus one against each other. The second will be a pickaxe battle but was unsure what the 3rd round will be, and let Ceeday decide on that.

Noah gave Ceeday a full week to respond, "or it's an automatic L". And Ceeday responded 2 days later with the video 'My Response',[4] and wants to make sure Noah doesn't run away "like Tfue did". Ceeday says the 3rd round will be a duo game, but the challenge is to get the most kills by themselves.

Ceeday says whoever loses the game has to promote the enemies' Support-A-Creator code for a video. Ceeday scheduled the 1v1 to be on July 24 at 9 PM EST, but, because NoahsNoah could not do it at that time because there were different time zones to each other, he asked ceeday if they could do it at August 25 for the "Memes". Ceeday replied saying he agreed and that it would happen on August 25 at 6 PM.\.

On September 2019, NoahsNoah explained in a video why the 1v1 did not happen. He said that apparently Ceeday said that he would not have internet August 25. Also, he said that he didnt want to do the 1v1 and just "lay chill on it".  Noah replied to this saying Ceeday was scared to 1v1 him. After that video, nothing really happened between them, except that Noahsnoah would use Ceeday's face for his videos. 

Ceeday's inactivity

In February 2020, Ceeday uploaded his video "Mythical Ceeday". Since then he has not uploaded a video or used social media. Noah realizes this and roasts Ceeday and says that Noah won the rivalry/battle. Ceeday has not responded to Noah roasting him and has remained silent. In June 2020, NoahsNoah did show that he texted Ceeday on Instagram asking him if he played Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3. Noah shows that Ceeday did reply saying that he did not play the new season. Noah replied back that Ceeday was lying and Ceeday replied that he is not.

Default army vs Fish army

Noah posted a video that there was a new fish army that wanted to take over and he said that the default army would fight them to defeat the army. The leader of the Fish army, Tiko replied in a video that the Default army have no chance and that he had the help of Bazerk and his banana army, who the fish army recently became friends with. Noah replied to him by changing his profile picture to a fortnite "Craig" photo (a stretched out image of Jonesy, a recruit in Fortnite) and said to his viewers and subscribers to change their profile pictures too and that the Default army will rise and they will defeat the Fishes.


  • Noah has a few videos that have a very similar thumbnail to ones made by Ali-A.
  • Noah is a football (soccer) fan. He reveals in a Q&A video that his favorite team is Manchester United Football Club.
  • Noahs full name was discovered in a video titled 'IF EA OWNED YOUTUBE'


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