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Nolanimations is a YouTuber that makes animations using Source Filmmaker. The content he uploads mainly refers to the game "Five Nights at Freddy's ", although sometimes sketches and shorts are uploaded about other games. he is mainly known for his many animations from the band Imagine Dragons, but also makes humourous animations eg. 'Despacito 2 '. As he calls him self quite unexperienced in the field of animation, he still managed to gather a grand total of 70,000+ subscribers (as of the 27th of December 2018) with his videos.


Nolanimations (Real name Nolan) debuted with his first video called "[FNAF] [SFM] Five Nights at Freddy's 1,2,3,4 All Jumpscares]". He named his channel Nolly back then. After that, he uploaded his first song animation, now under the name Nolanimations, an animation of TheLivingTombStone's FNAF 1 song . After that uploaded his first Imagine Dragons animation 'Demons ', and that got his channel more popular, gaining over 200,000 views and counting. After uploading complete animations like 'It's Me ', 'Radioactive ' and 'Heathens ' and so on, he uploaded the video that probably got him where he is at today, his animation of 'Believer ' by Imagine Dragons, gaining more than 18 million views as of the 27th of December 2018. His latest full song animation at this moment is 'Natural ', also a song by Imagine Dragons.

Other content

Next to FNAF, Nolanimations has also uploaded one other video not related to the game. It's an original animation of the game Hello Neighbor. Right now, Nolanimations has no other animations planned next to FNAF, but that might change in the future.

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