Nooch plays Video Games
Nooch was born in Canada
Nooch is male
Nooch created their account in 2010
Nooch is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Mathew Nucciarone (born: July 6, 1994 (1994-07-06) [age 26]), better known online as Nooch (also known as TheNoochM or DoctorNooch), is a Canadian YouTuber that primarily makes gaming commentary videos.


His history on YouTube began with the channel AwesomeSauceFilms, with Bajan Canadian and JeromeASF. AwesomeSauceFilms was eventually put into indefinite hiatus when the members got bored of Call of Duty, so Mat joined them in making Minecraft videos. In 2015, he shifted gears by creating the Mathew Nooch channel, and posting only Minecraft videos there, while posting other games, vlogs, etc. on his main channel.

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