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Stupid, stupid damage.

―Northernlion, multiple times during his The Binding of Isaac Let's Play

Ryan Letourneau (born: November 28, 1988 (1988-11-28) [age 31]), better known online as Northernlion, is a Canadian YouTuber who plays games made by Edmund McMillen. Rising to prominence through his Let's Plays, his videos generally consist of gameplay while providing amusing live commentary. A "Machinima Director and Let's Player Extraordinaire",[1] Northernlion is a highly charismatic individual best known for his distinctive voice and sharp wit, as well as his usage of a variety of puns, idioms, and vague references to pop culture.

Aside from his Let's Plays, Northernlion has also made various video series, consisting of "Let's Look at, "Let's Hate", "Don't Play This", "Only in Korea", "Indie Game of the Week", "Poison Mushroom" series on Machinima, and "#NLSS",

Personal Life

Northernlion is from in Kingston, Ontario. He went to Queens University as is mentioned when he references how Elon Musk transferred away from his school due to a lack of women.

For about a year, Northernlion worked in Daegu in South Korea as an English teacher for children.[2] He returned home to Canada on December 1, 2011.[3]

He was unemployed after returning home,[4] but now makes money through YouTube, which he calls "a dream job", and he once jokingly described himself as "funemployed".[5]

On March 23, 2020, Northernlion and his wife, Kate LovelyMomo, announced that they were expecting their first child – a girl, Luna.[6]

YouTube and Twitch

Northernlion hosts a tri weekly live stream event on Twitch called the "Northernlion Live Super Show". Each show is three hours long and is scheduled on Mondays from 3 pm PST to 6 pm PST and Wednesdays/ Thursdays from 2 pm PST to 5 pm PST.

Initially, Northernlion usually spent the first hour discussing recent gaming-related news and reading fan mail, and the other two hours of the stream playing other games. Common games were Spelunky, The Binding of Isaac, and Family Feud 2010. There was also a trivia section two hours through the stream in which Northernlion asked five questions and fans tweeted him answers in hopes of winning a free game. As the show has continued, it has largely simply become Northernlion and his co-hosts solely playing games and interacting with each other, while fans participate in chat. RockLeeSmileJSmithOTI, and CobaltStreak co-host the livestream with Northernlion through Skype and later Discord, and in the past other YouTubers such as michaelalfox, Hafu, TotalBiscuit, Brex, FlackBlag, Ohmwrecker and Alpacapatrol have also joined.

Each show, taken from Twitch's VOD system, is uploaded to Northernlion's YouTube account the following day, usually split into two parts.

Originally, each show was hosted on YouTube, rather than Twitch, and the Northernlion Live Super Show suffered from a few technical difficulties, such as screen flickering and slowdown. Furthermore, because YouTube's comment system was not adapted well for live-streaming, viewers could not converse with each other or with Northernlion effectively; Northernlion asked viewers to instead contact him by tweeting him "@NorthernlionLP". These issues were soon fixed, and the show was later streamed via Twitch instead of YouTube.

In 2013, Northernlion became dedicated to Twitch, no longer simultaneously streaming on YouTube. Since switching he has become very interactive with the chat section. He also plays with his subscribers on his weekly Northernlion Super Subscriber Stream on Sundays, where paying Twitch subscribers have an opportunity to play with him in games such as Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. He also hosts the Northernlion Super Tuesday Stream where he plays games that he wants to play.


  • Goes by the name ItsOppositeDayHere on Reddit.
  • First mentioned in an episode of his Let's Play of Cave Story,[7] he is afraid of deep-sea creatures, specifically tentacled creatures such as jellyfish.
  • His wife has her own YouTube channel, Kate LovelyMomo.
  • Had a pet hedgehog named Allegro (it may have also belonged partially to his girlfriend), which as of 2013 has been sold.Template:Fact
  • As of May 2013, owns a white Ragdoll cat named Ryuka.[8]
  • As of December last year, he's cited Hello Neighbor as easily the silliest funny game of all games.
  • Northernlion's birthday is on 28 November 1988.[1][2][3]
  • Northernlion is 5'9" (175cm) tall.[4]
  • Northernlion suffers from a really bad case of YouTuber Sickness.[5]
  • As of May 14, Northernlion is a certified Unity Developer.[6]
  • Northernlion has a Bachelor's Degree in Biology and an Associate's Degree in Software Development.[9]
  • Northernlion is cited by Markiplier as the YouTuber who helped him get to where he is today thanks to a thread that NL posted on r/LetsPlay, with Markiplier subsequently giving NL credit in a later post on the same subreddit.[10][11]


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