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Not Just Bikes makes Educational Videos
Not Just Bikes is from Canada
Not Just Bikes is male
Not Just Bikes created their account in 2019
Not Just Bikes is a Content Creator on YouTube

Jason Slaughter, better known online as Not Just Bikes is a Dutch-Canadian YouTuber who makes videos about urban planning and city design in the Netherlands.

Personal life

Jason grew up in London, Ontario, Canada[1]. Since then, he has moved 29 times, living in many countries including the US, the UK, Belgium, and Taiwan. He chose to stay in Amsterdam, Netherlands, for reasons he has explained in his YouTube videos. He lives with his wife[2] and two children. Outside of YouTube, he has had an extensive career as a Project Management Executive, primarily for tech companies and start-ups.

YouTube channel

Not Just Bikes' first video, uploaded on 7 July 2019, was a POV demonstration of him using the Strawinskylaan bicycle parking garage in Amsterdam. His next video, What Makes a City Great?, was an introduction to his channel where he explained his backstory and the topic he would cover in his videos: why Dutch cities are so great. Over the next year, he uploaded 25 video essays on this topic.

In his video One Year of Not Just Bikes, he explained he had completed his original goal for the channel, yet would continue to upload videos as he had many more topics he wanted to cover. Shortly after this, he began a new series of video essays about why American and Canadian cities are financially insolvent, collaborating with the organization Strong Towns.

Around February 2021, he began uploading more types of videos: no commentary (marked with blue thumbnails), YouTube Shorts (marked with green thumbnails), one guest video (with a yellow thumbnail), others about miscellaneous topics (marked with black thumbnails), and one music video.

NJB Live

On 11 October 2020, almost one year after his first video essay, Jason created a second channel, NJB Live, with the intention to livestream bicycle rides. Its first video was uploaded on 26 October, and his first live stream, a walking tour of Oud West in Amsterdam, was on 30 October. He has done 15 live streams (as of 7 April 2021). During his streams, Jason provides commentary and interacts with stream chat.