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{{Icons|Gaming|New Zealand|Male|Reviewer|YouTuber}}
{{Icons|Gaming|New Zealand|Male|Reviewer|YouTuber}}
|username = UC7vOjKF8-TGVimB572cMuDA
|username = UC7vOjKF8-TGVimB572cMuDA
|image = Novacanoo1.jpg
|image = Novacanoo1.jpg

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Novacanoo is a Male YouTuber from New Zealand, who makes analytical videos on video games.  He's known for his videos on the Jak & Daxter series, the Uncharted sreies, as well as a scant few others.  He's stated before that the creation of his channel was inspired by the much more popular video game analyst Matthewmatosis.  

Featured Channels

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  2. What's With Games
  3. Retropolis Zone
  4. Turbo Button

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