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Nux Taku (pronounced Nôōks·Takō) is a Canadian-American YouTuber and streamer. He formerly made comedic analytical videos about anime, recently making videos about other topics including analytics and memes.

While he fictionally resides in the Void, he has dual citizenship in both Canada and the United States.


Usui blushing at Daddy Nux

Cult buddies

There are rumors that him and Projekt Melody are in a relationship. These rumors were created by the Fambase and should not be taken seriously.

The Billy Cult

In the beginning, there was nothing. But then a random streamer yelled out Billy while being flexed on by Nux Taku. Then Nux Taku uttered the words "Let the chat be filled with BILLY". And then there was Billy. Soon the Billy got a mind of its own and became its own entity and the Cult of Billy was founded by Nux Taku. The Billy Cult fights against those who think Sakura fans exist, thinks that Deku is a good character, those who look at the thumbnail/title of a video and judge it without watching it, and those hates Interspecies Reviewers (or the evils of this world). The Billy Cult preaches its name across Twitch and flexes on those Nux Taku deems worthy. The Billy Cult grows in number day by day and we will unite the entire world under one banner as Billy. The Billy Cult intends to achieve world peace by turning all of mankind into Billies.

You can also Join Billy at 1-800-JOINBILLY.nux or Nux_Taku  


  • Joy Boy
  • (Formerly) Deji
  • MAL Mods
  • Animak's sanity
  • People's auditory systems
  • People that pronounce FURUMETARU ARUKEMISUTO BURATERUHUDO as FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood 
  • Funimation
  • Sakura Fans (Not that they exist)
  • Hinata Shintani- that idiot never had a chance with Misaki with Usui in the picture lol 


Raiding Streamers With Billy's

A series where Nux stealth raids small and big Twitch streamers alike with an army Billys. He will order the Billys to say certain things in the stream chat and laugh at the hilarity which ensues.

Biggest Flexes In Anime

Biggest Flexes In Anime is Nux Taku's highly popular series in which he creates a list of some of the biggest flexes in anime and then discusses them. 

Dubbing Anime Clips

Dubbing Anime Clips is one of Nux Taku's newest series where he invites other YouTubers to try to dub/react to cringey, weird, or lewd anime clips.

Honest Anime Descriptions

Honest Anime Descriptions is, by far, Nux Taku's most popular series. It's where he takes a certain character, group of characters, organization, ability, or anime as a whole, and gives an "honest description" of them, with a huge focus on comedy and sarcasm.

Your Honest Descriptions

A subseries to Honest Anime Descriptions where he chooses the sarcastic and comedic descriptions of certain anime by his fans, rather than his own.

The Best Anime Has to Offer

A series where he talks about the most things (to him), in anime.

Milestone Top 10's

Top 10 lists which Nux Taku makes for certain milestone celebrations on his channel.

No One Understands (Blank)

Character analysis videos where Nux Taku breaks down and discusses certain anime characters which she feels are misunderstood in some way.

Art of a Fight Scene

A series where Nux Taku analyzes and breaks down amazing fight scenes in anime.

Overpowered Analysis

A series where Nux Taku analyzes and breaks down certain overpowered anime characters, explaining what the good ones do right and what the bad ones do wrong.

Decoding the Philosophy of Anime

A series where Nux Taku analyzes and discusses the philosophy, messages, and themes of certain anime series.


Nux Taku's Patreon Introduction

Lol, if you're here then you already know me...
I try to upload quality original content like 7 times a week and focusing on it aside from schooling and part-time work is near impossible so that's where you come in...
Thanks so much for making your way here, it really means the world to me, I appreciate it immensely, and thanks for any help you can spare!

Reward goals

  1. $1 or more per month: FamBase: The FamBase are those who always come at a time of need... to keep the memes flowing... a crucial duty in our crumbling society. FamBase and above have priority to be featured in the "YOUR Honest Descriptions" series
  2. $10 or more per month: SwagKagers; The SwagKagers are the living legends who perpetuate the most powerful and destructive of memes. SwagKagers and above have their names shown in videos.
  3. $25 or more per month: LordTwigers: The LordTwigers are the superior life form. LordTwigers and above have their names announced in videos.
  4. $50 or more per month: God Usopp: One shudders to utter His name... God Usopp can request future videos (within reason).
  5. $100 or more per month: Has Hashirama Cells. Basically Immortal.
  6. $150 or more per month: like gremmon, but with a bigger dick: YOU'RE like gremmon, but with a bigger dick...
  7. $300 or more per month: The Myth The Man The Legend!: The Myth The Man The Legend! (Tier was created upon request from Steve)
  8. $1,000 or more per month: Actual Lord Twigo: pfff it's Lord Twigo.

Stretch goals

He has stated that he will summon Satan when he hits 2,000,000 subsribers on Youtube .

He also promised to bring back an old series of his if he gets 2,500 subscribers on Twitch .

The No Understands Zoro video will drop when Zoro does something epic in Wano


  1. Nux Taco
  2. Lost Pause 3
  3. Daddy Nux
  4. Elon Nux
  5. Nuxy Boii
  6. Lor D. Nuxanor
  7. Billy


  • Nux is Flexsexual (aka into usui)
  • He has a dumb high IQ of 189
  • He is currently employed at N.A.S.A.
  • His favorite anime is Gintama.
  • The only person he simps for is Usui Takumi (even better taste)
  • Nux Taku is the leader of the Cult of Billy. Join Billy
  • Nux beat Dr. Disrespect in the Fall Guys tournament 
  • Noble is secretly Nux who is sercretly Mousey who is secretly Melody
  • Nux co-hosts the podcast called the Rant Cafe with his friends Mac and Briggs
  • Nux currently does not have a physical body, and is just a disembodied voice in the void.
  • Nux is willing to explore the depths of space in order to prove that there are no Sakura fans dispite secretly being a Sakura fan himself
  • Nux is included in the Rant Cafe Isekai Novel "That Time I Got Isekai'd Into Another World With My Truck" written by his friend Animak


  • "You know i am serious cuz i said the world, not ZA WARUDO"
  • "It was all accoring to the plan MUAHAHAHA"
  • "I've never watched a Gentai in my life"
  • "Lets get to the meat and potatoes"
  • "Subscrible"
  • "BILLY"
  • "Very cool"
  • "This Is So Sad"
  • "Welcome whamen and gentlewhamen"
  • "'Thoughts on Maid Sama?' A lot of fun. A lot of fun"
  • "Be toxic to toxic people and be wholesome to wholesome people."
  • "Remember to stay weird fam."
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