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OFFCANNY is a YouTube channel consisting of Jakob Van Grubsby, Garrett Westley Thomas and Adri “HelloNeptune”. Its content is self described by the creators as an absurdist, improvisional duo-comedy channel in the vein of Adult Swim and Jackass.


OFFCANNY was created on April 7, 2019 by Alec Paul and Jakob Van Grubsby , two employees of Cow Chop. The first video, the channel trailer, was uploaded a day later on April 8. As stated by Jakob in his Discord server, this is the project he and Alec are pursuing after the end of Cow Chop, and are planning to move to Austin, Texas in the future.

On October 16, Alec announced he had left Cow Chop to pursue OFFCANNY full time, despite the stress the job put him on at times he was greatful for the skills he gained ranging from video editing to entertaining. While Jakob, Garrett and Adri stayed until the end. On the 31st of December, 2019, Cow Chop officially uploaded its last video. After the channels’ end Jakob, Alec, Garrett and Adri could focus on OFFCANNY.

On the 22nd of February Jakob announced that Alec had left OFFCANNY to pursue school and live anonymously as he had felt a sense of anxiety and had family issues since the days he had been working at Cow Chop. Also stating that he just felt this type of life wasn’t for him and he had no interest returning to the internet.


  • OFFCANNY is filmed by Garrett and Adri, who also worked at Cow Chop.
  • Alec’s dad is a recurring guest/character in videos, including on Twitter as well.
  • The channel has used music by Playboi Carti for videos.]
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