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Sonja Reid (Born: February 12, 1991 (1991-02-12) [age 28]), better known online as OMGitsfirefoxx, is a Canadian gaming commentator / vlogger who lives in Portland, Oregon. Her channel grew extensively due to her involvement in Mianite. She plays a variety of games, with Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch being her most frequent currently. She also does creative streams where she will usually create something with perler beads. She was also in a relationship with YouTuber William Tucker Boner for just over 2 years until it came to end on 31 July 2016.

Notable Traits

She calls her followers the Foxx Family.

She usually talks about butts and lets her Foxx Family give her "Booty Touches"

When Playing H1Z1, she sometimes yells 'Free Borris' instead of saying team to make it interesting.

She easily gets attached to animals in games, Like Borris the snowman.

Name Origin

This came from her youth when she played games from her childhood, including Habbo Hotel and RuneScape. And she used to use Mozilla Firefox to start these games

History/Personal Life

In her draw my life, OMGitsfirefoxx revealed she grew up in foster care.

Sonja and Tucker have mutually parted ways and broken up on July 31, 2016.


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