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Brian Risso (born: December 3, 1982 (1982-12-03) [age 41]), better known online as ONLYUSEmeBLADE, or simply Blade, is a livestreamer and former YouTuber. He became popular due to his commentary in Call of Duty and for only using the knife mechanic in such games, effectively handicapping himself against his opponents.

However, after a while of being sober since he attended college, Blade started heavily drinking in 2015, and eventually became a drunk streamer. Blade's YouTube channel was later terminated on November 11, 2020. All his old videos were removed and his last channel was set up by his ex girlfriend Becky. The channel was solely dedicated to drunk streams.

Personal Life[]

Due to Blade's heavy drinking throughout the years since 2015, he has developed alcoholic myopathy, as his muscles were so badly damaged to the point where he has trouble walking, lying down on bed, and other complications. These problems still occur even when he is sober or lying on the ground.

In October 2021, Blade's foot, which was healing at the time, became almost completely purple and black, likely due to his legs previously having a strange storage of alcohol in them. One of his thighs was shriveled and small, to which some people thought they were an old Halloween costume. In contrast, his other thigh was swollen and large, with the remaining muscle belly being filled with alcohol and other fluids.

In March 2022, Blade's girlfriend Becky had allegedly cheated on him with his friend Casey, who believes Blade is a monster and a disgusting human being, often bullying him while not telling him that he hates him. Despite some of it being in a jokeful manner, Blade and his ex have been on strange terms since the incident.[1] Before and during this time, he actually worked a real job where he owned his own business installing home theater system during the day and worked as a bouncer at a local bar (or nightclub) at night Blade quit his jobs c. 2010.

Prior to his relationship with Becky, Blade was with another woman who he supposedly met through Keemstar's connections in Buffalo, New York, in 2014. However, it is currently unknown if they were engaged, and she is seen appearing in this undeleted montage of Blade.

Blade currently lives in a condo that his mother partially bought in Washington, United States, with it also being offered to him in a strange government scheme after he crashed a recreational vehicle (RV). He and his ex Becky usually fought at night while drunk in the condo, which she claimes that she would never leave him even if they were living in a homeless encampment.[2][3]

Blade is constantly trolled by his old acquaintances, such as Taylor from FPSRussia and WoodysGamertag, although Blade isn't fond of Taylor due to him pointing out his bigoted and predatory acts.[4] The PKA (Painkiller Already) fanbase from FPSRussia often jokes about how Kyle and Woody are often nice to Blade and try to sweep his worst wrongdoings under the rug due to him being nice to them in 2010-12.

The fans often comment jokes under clips of Blade groping people, often going on racial rants, and making statements such as, "wow blade just said the N-word and groped a kid, he did invite me to a drinking party once though, such a chill dude." They also mock Kyle and Woody for what the fans take as simplemindedness and evasive stupidity. However, Taylor does not share this friendship with Blade, believing him to be a deplorable figure.

Many of the hosts on Pka argue about Goocheese and if Blade affecting her makes him morally responsible. Wings of Redemption, said that was stupid and she was a crack whore bitch and Blade was wrong either way.


Blade started uploading content on his YouTube channel in 2009 doing Call of Duty 4 multiplayer gameplay videos, where he only ever used his knife to get kills. He says thebackstory behind this is that he became bored from a lack of challenge playing normally, and only used his knife after discussionn about it. After learning how to play using only a knife, he bought a dazzle capture card and began uploading his gameplay onto YouTube. In the lead-up to the release of Modern Warfare 2 in November 2009, he began doing commentary on Call of Duty. Due to the large influx of users searching up Call of Duty videos alongisde Blade's unique play style, his channel and following were growing at this time.

Sometime in late-2009, Blade received a contract from Machinima and his videos went onto Machinima's main YouTube channel. Blade also appeared regularly on the first 100 episodes on FPSRussia's PKA series. In July 2011, he was one of many known people (along with Freddie Wong, Whiteboy7thst, WoodysGamertag, xJawz, and Wings of Redemption) to be invited out to a CoD Black Ops Tournament. The event was organized by billionaire Alki David in his own household, who Keemstar had strucken up a friendship where they competed for $10,000.

The following year, in 2012, Blade and Keemstar began their podcast call the "BadKidShow" and made in-real-life (IRL) videos together. Blade and Keemstar also did some pranks, which was a popular genre of content at the time. Keemstar parted ways with Blade in 2019, ending their long-term friendship.

Around this time, Minecraft became popular on YouTube and part of the Call of Duty community switched to the Minecraft community. Blade continued Call of Duty dip in viewership lead to Blade's channel stagnating with the decline of Call of Duty at the time and Blade not trying new things. Blade competed on DanceOn in 2012.

Blade's original third channel OUMB was banned after two weeks, returning in June 2021, making it "clear to him" YouTube did not want him having another channel. On July 18, 2021, his girlfriend Becky created a new channel called OUMB2 owned by her, due to his channel ban. In January 2024, it had over 19,000 subscribers when it was terminated.

In January 2022, Blade and Becky started uploading videos on a channel named BecAndBladeRV. The following year, the name was changed to Bjorn-Blade then Bec for Blade to be able to stream on Becky's channel, as his main channel OUMB2 would received 2 strikes.

On August 10, 2022 it was speculated he died after not uploading for multiple days, being over 260 pounds at the time, and in a very lethargic state, but he cleared up that this wasn't true days later.

He said in May 2023 that COD wasn't his thing anymore while sober. He tried to get back into gaming but mainly yelled slurs at kids in live chat which didn't sit right with people along with him not liking the game as much. Due to this and his notable drop off in skill relative to the average player in these games, he stopped.

Notably, there are remaining majority of old-school Blade footage and videos from 2015-2018 that were reuploaded by other YouTubers.[5]

In 2023 when Keemstar tried to get him to box Wings of Redemption Keemstar said Blade was incapable of training for the fight and didn't send him any footage so he wouldn't try setting it up.[6] Blade however did get on the lolcow podcast, where he once again broke a promise to Keem and Blade's enemy SomeOrdinaryGamers.[7]

Many people dislike his behavior or like his behavior but use him for content, and acquaint themselves with him, despite trolling him and such including Casey Content God.[8]


First partner and alcoholic relapses and interventions[]

Blade started becoming infamous for drinking in 2015 but revealed that he drank long before and started ramping it up in 2014, at a point it got him sick.[9] Blade said it was a problem earlier in life but he handled it well and only did it occasionally.[10]

After Blade broke up with his first long term girlfriend Jill from Buffalo, New York[11], his first huge drunk controversy involved a blonde woman he had been talking to for a few months in the summer of 2015.[12] He started asking her questions about gay people, liking black people, and called her a "n*gger lover", and other terms before leaving the room angry.

Jill left and when Blade walked back into the room, he fell and hit his bed in a bloody mess screaming "FUCKING N*GGERS!". Keemstar and some other friends joined the stream to try and help him. Many people like Wings of Redemption actually defended him saying they hoped he got better, and Blade then made a video titled "I need to stop drinking" shortly after. Blade would then move to the Midwest in an area where he could hike a lot, aiming to get into sightseeing and adventures instead of sitting around drunk streaming. With help from Keemstar he stayed sober for a decent period. He made more Call of Duty videos in late 2015 and early 2016 with black ops 3 after the move, but he relapsed in 2016.

A lot of fans and other Youtube friends of Blade felt Jill was a great influence who truly cared for Blade and helped him. After she left him in July 2015 he started ranting about African-Americans more and being more aggressive, making many think she may've left for a black man, sparking a lot of jokes about Blade "getting cucked" by black men.

In 2017, Keemstar intervened again, with Blade helping him get through him losing friends GradeAUnderA and LeafyIsHere in 2016 during drama with them. But in a week Blade failed therapy and was back drunk streaming celebrating that a girl sent him explicit pictures.[13][14]

Accusations of pedophilia and rape[]

Blade's biggest controversies involve accusations of racism and overall debauchery as a degenerateand toxic drunk, along with rape (on an RV) and pedophilia allegations of him groping underaged girls while on vacation.[15]

Blade's most infamous clip aside from the alleged rape videos was him going on a rant in july 2019, reuploaded due to his goocheese incident in late August 2019, saying woman should be welcomed he raped or groped them and that all me2 victims should be grateful men would find them attractive enough to sexually abuse. [16]

In 2016 he said a ton of debauchery about a twitch mod called a cup allie and Zoie Burgher trying to hit on her.[17]

Somewhere between late-2018 to early-2019, Ice Poseidon and the rest of their Cx Network group was given permission to go to his house for a overnight house party.

Blade would make his attempts at continuously groping Michael H's girlfriend, on top of claiming that he was "the best chiropractor in the world",[18][19] and asking her if she wants to have sex with him in which she answered no. Annoyed with her response, Blade then made rude comments about Michael telling him that he is poor and how he sucks as a streamer.[20]

This led to an interview in August 2019 by Chris Hansen.[21] Multiple times, Blade has cried and gone on breakdowns, claiming they are all lies, and some victims have said they lied after the events, but the overall public still finds him annoying. In the space of people who know of him, many claim that, due to his like to dislike ratio, he is one of the most hated people on the Internet, surpassing others such as Jason Blaha, Bryce Hall, and Jake Paul.

It is known that in 2019, Blade voluntarily turned himself in to police to try and prove he was innocent of misconduct.[22]

The most viewed video based on him was made by Penguinz0 on August 20, 2019, talking about his rape scandal, the moment where he threw his dog to the floor, and many other things. Throughout it, Charlie bashed him, saying he acted like the type of guy who thinks women owe him sex because he's "hot", even though Blade looked disgusting in Charlie's eyes.[23]

In March 2021 he reunited with Goocheese (the alleged victim), who said he didn't rape her and tried flirting with him considering he was on "bad terms" with Becky.[24]

However Becky was shocked when later Goocheese was brought up and Blade said he'd sexually assault her forever, in front of Becky.[25]

In 2022 a video of him was reuploaded from 2018. It involved Blade groping a 17 year old Hawaiin girl while drunk. Luckily his friends intervened before he could do anything and made sure she was okay. They later convinced her not to press charges.[26]

Animal abuse[]

In 2019, during an IRL (in-real-life) stream, Blade let a dog crawl up into his lap. However, after a few seconds of the dog licking his face, he pushed the dog off him, sending it sprawling across the room, causing Blade to receive major backlash. He claimed in PKA Episode 490 that his sister also criticized him for this incident, as she was a veterinarian.[27]

In 2022, Blade spit on a cat that he did not own and talked sexually about it during a drunk stream. He later apologized to the owner who was still mad at him, but thought it would eventually "blow over".[28]

Rivalry with OG Geezer[]

His main rivalry is with a streamer called OG Geezer, who is from Rockaway, New York, and his family has many gypsies. He is an overly-religious Christian with mental disabilities and often gets into fights while high, despite having some proclaimed "martial arts striking" experience. He used to let Blade stay in his house for streams, while there were fights with another Serbian streamer called Attila (who stayed with Geezer getting drunk).

Blade "talked shit", calling Geezer a "crazy nerd", saying he could beat him up. He got punched and nearly knocked unconscious in a fight on August 2021. Although Blade tried making peace immediately after, Geezer was enraged and having a breakdown.

In September, Geezer said he would "do things to Becky and her kids" while Blade threatened Geezer, drunk saying some strange claims such as "Geezer's a really bad guy to have in my salt shaker. I'd like a salt shaker but Geezer could be some really bad salt y'know". Becky, seeing how drunk he was while sober, and how Geezer nearly injured Blade, told Blade to stop before Geezer tried to fight him.

Many thought Geezer was an absolute nutjob, even consdering the things Blade has done or been accused of doing. In March 2022, Blade and Geezer did a stream where they sorted out a ton of issues, but Geezer said he still didn't like Becky. In late-2022, Geezer was shortly arrested but was released and continued his drama with Blade.[29]

Blade did drunk driving streams in May 2023 and would scream obsenities at surrounding people calling them the n-word and saying he'd want to rape their children, before crashing eventually.[30]

Willie 2 Guns[]

Blade had a streamer house after breaking up with Becky in July 2023, getting the idea to put it in Kansas City. During that time he had an urgent leg infection so bad he could barely walk even sober with assistance. A fan of his, a Mexican-American 40-year-old who received prescription drugs to help car accident heart and nerve damage, named Willie, started dating Becky and they got legally married. However at Blade's treamer house, Willie got drunk and was given more alcohol and not aided by other streamers while blade was asleep. When Blade woke up and came into the room, where they let Willie fall down unconscious, he called an ambulance. Willie was pronounced dead. Many blamed Blade for the incident while many stood up for him and said Willie was an idiot for using alcohol given his medication and the other streamers were at fault for offering it to him, with Blade in another room entirely unable to do anything. [31][32]

After Willie died blade said to Becky, still broken up with him, in a hotel that if in an argument with her, he'd want to call her underage trans daughter, getting education in a Canadian boot camp, a bitch and make her suck his dick while he molested her and physically abused her, prompting an aggressive confronation. Becky got angry at him and he quickly lowered the severity of the statement saying he'd just want to say "fuck off".

Many like the aforementioned OG Geezer said Becky laughed at Willie dying and that Becky and Blade were in on Willie's life situation, trying to get money from the death of a disabled man.[33][34]

Elder Abuse with Mother, Autistic Woman[]

Blade's mother - who has been supportive of him and had given him money while being worried for him during his alcoholism, while he begged her, due to her large saved up income with his deceased father - had a Thanksgiving stream while Blade was still with Becky in 2022. Blade's mother was present and Blade said for his fanbase to keep calm during the stream with donations that were nsfw and 18+. However none of that happened and fans told Blade's mom about his pedophilic, racist, and addictive behaviors, also chastizing her saying she allowed blade to live this way.

Becky had to escort her trans daughter out of the kitchen at Blade's moms house due to this and his mom cried. Many blamed blade saying he was stupid for doing this knowing his controversies and the toxicity of his fanbase, knowing they are uncontrollable like him.

In 2023 Blade's mom thought his now ex, Becky, stole her medications after she was hospitalized due to her love for binge eating while also using pills, and gaining her weight back with the excessive eating, which Blade's friend Bjorn TV said was "crackhead whale behavior", making Blade's mom angry. She got into drama where Blade referred to his own mother as a "sidehoe" for blaming "momma Bec"

Blade's mom then lashed out at Blade saying he wasn't her son anymore, just a drunken miserable evil human being, saying she didn't trust him as a caretaker. Blade couldn't even get sober just to talk to her.

In April 2023 Blade and other streamers stayed at the house of a woman named Sheepdog. She is a functioning autist who had an ex husband who left her after their daughter could go to college and he knew sheepdog could take care of herself. Blade would hit sheepdog prompting other streamers to defend her as she couldn't grasp the situation and fight back at all even against blade although the video was taken down. Sheepdog then had blade live with her when he was homeless in a motherly care way and he tried to sleep with her, angering Bec, who had been getting money from Blade in a compensation agreement post Willie 2 Guns death.[35][36][37][38][39]

Final Accusations of Racism[]

Blade claimed to use the n word in a joking manor in a lolcow episode despite the numerous racial rants he's gone on. Racial rants also cost him his best childhood friend, a lightskin man with a wife who choked Blade for his racial rants in the house, angering Becky and making her claim the wife as the "angry snowbunny queen".[40][41]

Final Channel Removal[]

In January 2024 Blade had his fourth channel and other "dark edgy ip2 streamers" channels removed days after Blade got arrested by cops. He was previously arrested in Bellevue, Washington in December 2023, being taken to a center in Bothell, Washington. [42][43]

Blade's channel was removed on January 4. Blade responded to cops days before "n*gger I'm good, i love you n*gger" at the police station prompting a joke response from Keemstar on Twitter. It was also revealed a Wings troll had taken Blade's channel down.

In 2024 he began using his kick channel again and stated he was done with fire sales and would drink less and do "fun things" but his first few streams involved him passing out drunk on a couch,[44][45] however on January 13th Blade was permanently banned and moved to Rumble.

Reddit account[]

In 2018, Blade had a Reddit account called "realONLYUSEmeBLADE" and had the profile background a picture of him talking to Chris Hansen, which many assume was trolls hacking his account considering how he previously tried removing footage of him groping people and more. He abandoned the account in early 2021 due to constant backlash from his comments.

His sister's boyfriend (from 2010) now husband made a website for Blade called, but ever since he hit 600,000 subscribers in 2014 and started drinking streams, it got hacked and has been overtaken by trolls who occasionally input voice messages for him.[46]


Blade's channel was terminated on November 11, 2020, and since September 2021, he and Keemstar have grown more distant since Blade feels he "made Keemstar". Both of them are in somewhat hard times (Keem mentally, and Blade in almost every way) so when Keem isn't very up to date on Blade's life, it angers Blade. Keemstar looked at Blade on the Keemstar show at a clip of him getting "cucked" as a fentanyl addict made out with Blade's wife Becky , where Blade is pushed around and "trolled" by other streamers. Keem tries to not alude to Blade's past actions and make him "good". His ex girlfriend who has no idea of Blade's actions thought he was an innocent old friend of Keem's who invited streamers onto his rv and had his wife and the men bully him.[47][48] Becky and Blade's relationship is shaky, and when Keemstar brought blade onto the lolcow live podcast, he promised Blade 1k a month to stay sober, which Blade accepted, just to drink the next day. [49]


  • In January 2020, Blade took rapper Humpback Chunk (who became famous for her video "I Just Nutted") on a date, but left halfway through after they got drunk and didn't return. She was a cab driver at the time.[50]
  • Blade had a video of him putting on a diaper in June 2019 that he recorded online. [51]
  • His icon is a resemblance of him in real life, being a dad bod with twig limbs.
  • He has a wife named Becky, who his ex-friend Captain Content dated for a while. Becky has a tween daughter and son in his late twenties. It is pretty much confirmed the marriage didn't take place in a church. Blade claims his stepdaughter loves him.
  • His wife Becky was 2 months pregnant in early November 2020, but due to it being announced after Blade left the RV in a goofy manner, and due to the fact that many doubt his body has the capability to produce healthy sperm (if at all) and Becky's history of drinking and smoking, that it could be a joke. It was later confirmed on Becky's Instagram it was a joke.
  • His wife Becky is a day older than him (born: December 2, 1983 (1983-12-02) [age 40]), which for some reason got Blade interested in astrology and horoscopes.
  • He moved from Seattle, Washington, to Buffalo, New York in 2012 to film the BadKidShow and be closer with his friend Keemstar. Later after he moved back to Seattle, Blade moved to different areas, now staying at other streamers' "streamer houses".
  • He's 6'2", and once weighed 310 pounds. However, due to his drinking, alcohol, and smoking, he destroyed all the muscle he had and rid his body of mass, making him skinny.
    • He dropped to 230 pounds and eventually 180. He dropped even lower to almost 160. In September 2021, Blade started demanding his wife to feed him most of her food, making her very thin and making him regain to up to 250 pounds by December.
    • During the summer of 2022 he weighed himself with a 20-pound backpack and was up to 280 pounds, sporting a massive belly.
    • In 2023 he started eating less (he was spending a few hundred dollars a night on food, cigarettes, and alcohol) and tried hiking, managing to get down to 200lbs.[52]
  • In late 2019, Blade had his nudes leaked and, for lack of a better term, "wasn't up to size in the slightest" or at least the size he claimed.
  • As of September 2021, Blade has gained more fat back due to eating most of his wife's meals. He has lost such a serious amount of muscle that, at times, it's hard for him to even get up when sober.
  • As of 2021, Blade has a rule to not put his girlfriend's children (both a son in his mid 20's and a teenage daughter) in his streams unless the son gives consent. Blade and Becky almost had a breakup over it, although many thought it was staged.
  • He had cheating allegations against him from his wife Becky as a sober man, but many people believed due to his overall personality and health this was obviously false as "most women don't think he's a catch". This was revealed in October 2021 to be a script.
  • He tried humping a TV from his Seattle home to break it while in Becky's house due to a donation.[53]
  • Many of his old friends in the Call of Duty scene, such as QUANTRELL BISHOP, turned against him and now view him as a fool or punching bag.
  • Blade cried when his dad (who died of a brain tumor) took him to a Disney trip a week before as a "last hoorah", and is still sad about it to this day, saying his dad was a huge role model. Some of his edgier, darker, and more sociopathic fans joke his dad must have been a bad role model and that Blade will meet his dad very soon.
  • As of late-October 2021, he has been going out to bars more frequently for fun. People think he and Becky may actually be getting tired of each other or fans who stalk him may be showing up at their house.
  • Continuing his history of a rough relationship in November 2021, his wife said she loves sex and it puts her in a good mood. Blade feels his wife doesn't think he's manly and is weak and feminine.[54][55]
  • He has a receding hairline, and has completely shaved his chin.
  • In late-November 2021, a streamer named Tricialicious (who was known for being a "milf") said Blade was calling her young daughter "beautiful" among other obscenities many times, making her almost entirely sure he was a pedophile.[56]
  • As of December 2021, he has been on 7 RV trips, his fifth being the shortest and his fourth the longest.
  • On December 2, 2021, he left shortly before his wife's birthday on an RV trip with other streamers and was trolled, to which he then spat on and threw up on. Afterwards, they painted his teeth and belly and slapped him.[57]
  • Luckily, one of the only drugs Blade got off of was meth, which his girlfriend managed to find. Noticing how thin it made him and how he acted in ways she didn't like, she made him stop using it in September 2021, ironically right before his hunger levels started rising.
  • In terms of fights, Blade's currently 2-5-1 as of December 2021, 1-1-5 if you count Brad[58] (a steroid and ped addict who went to prison for trying to steal a car) and Geezer (a gypsy from Long Island, New York, who knows Hampton Brandon). He's fought chicken as well and other unnamed streamers. He beat an old Ukranian man, although the man attacked Blade and was clearly drunk, with Blade refraining from trying to wound him badly.[59][60]
  • In December 2021, he was on an RV trip in far southern California, in a skate park and wasteland sand barren pit area combined with a dump, and needed to be hauled back onto the RV. He was then shaved into having clown hair and given a Hitler wig.[61][62][63]
  • In 2022, a video of him touching minors in Hawaii was finally reuploaded.[64]
  • In January 2022, he almost got cucked by a bunch of Mexican gang or wannabee gang members who he took on his rv to stream with him. There were rumors his 15 year old stepdaughter wasn't at home with her brother and was in fact sleeping on the back of the RV. [65][66]
  • He is an avid sports fan of the Seattle Kraken, the retired Seattle Supersonic, Seattle Mariners, Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bills, and Seattle Seahawks. He also sported many jerseys and hats of the teams over time.[67][68]
  • Similar to Wings of Redemption, Blade has had several troll songs made about him, which are often parodies, or simply Blade screaming edited over a beat. Some of these songs include "Losing Me Both Legs", "Grope Gang", "Beware Brian Risso", which has been copyright-striked, and "Lil Bruises".
  • Blade, along with twenty-seven other people, used to be affiliated with Ice Poseidon's Cx Network Group.[69]

Strange Scenarios[]

  • Strangely enough, Blade shares many similarities with EDP445.
    • They both used to be beloved content creators who ended up being exposed as pedophiles, along with similar controversies.
    • They both lived in central California.
    • They both had relationships where they tried saying "they were cool guys cause they got pussy" yet almost everyone made fun of them and called them "incels".
    • Both tried to save face after they lost internet respect.
    • As of late-2021, they have been getting banned and unbanned, skipping across platforms to try and retain relevancy while their lives spiral into a never-ending downfall.
  • His wife constantly trolls him about him being "bitchy bad at sex", and says she's joking, although Blade doesn't take it lightly and is saddened.
  • Despite his diminishing health and constantly getting drunk, he constantly checks his blood alcohol concentration.
  • Blade said "pedophilia is weird" in the past along with rape, yet he has committed or been close to committing both actions.
  • He tries fighting and beating people up after they troll him while they act scared yet often, he can't harm them whatsoever and they don't fight back due to him being in the wrong. As the PKA Cast stated, "he's got no muscle mass and frankly can't throw much of a punch especially when he's black out drunk". Other RV members often simply pull him a bit when they attack him and he goes flying.
  • Despite his birthdate saying he was born in 1983, he claimed that he turned 39 years on old on December 3, 2021.
  • On his 38th birthday, Blade groped a girl in Los Angeles, but his friend turned the camera quick. He likely did this due to her having large breasts, and she then assaulted him while he said "I'm not gonna hit a woman", while his friend attacked a man with the girl. Many speculate he tried to seem like an innocent simplike victim who would never do anything to a girl. The next day, the RV group stopped streaming.[70]
  • In early-December 2021, some of Blade's friends went on a drunken rant in an RV stream that was reposted on many sites as a KKK rant towards people of color, despite being unrelated, mostly due to Blade saying the N word with a hard R in the middle of the video while a different streamer was yelling at a person who donated.
  • Blade told someone in a compound fight (linked above) "why would you fight someone bigger than you they're definitely stronger", even though Blade's been overpowered and manhandled by men half his size who simply who don't smoke or drink as much.
  • He is considered Casey Content God's cuck due to being constantly manhandled and "bitched out" by him.[71]
  • Blade got trolled due to his wife generally being with "degenerate men" in most people's eyes after her first, breakup and along with Blades leaked picture of his penis, his wife wrote an article right after their birthday in 2017.
  • After quitting the RV in 2021 saying he won't be on an RV with goocheese, he announced he would be buying an RV with his wife Becky and they would travel together on the road for a bit. At first many fans and haters were happy, but the part involving Becky made them annoyed as many dislike her.[72][73]
  • He has a dog throwing compilation.[74]