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Oceana*Sky is a Minecraft channel that focuses on decorating buildings in Minecraft such as building and showcasing of these buildings. There is a lot of texture pack reviews which take a lot of video which seems hard to do since there is not many things to give in a Minecraft texture pack. Oceana*Sky plays single and multiplayer mode, and there is even a collab video with DoniBobes on June 11, 2019 with a troll race where she did not get a rank despite having a YouTuber rank. Most of the videos are an hour to two hours long which focus on one theme, and it takes a couple videos to accomplish a goal such as building Doni as a duck. Most of the videos have an ⚓ emoji in the video title. There is a way to contact her on Discord and have a chance to play Minecraft with her on the Perfourium server.

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