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I NEED More Coffee NOW!

―Official Clix

Connor McQuillan (born: October 1, 2003 (2003-10-01) [age 16]), better known online as Official Clix (or just Clix), is an American YouTuber who uploads and streams different games. It is uncommon for him to do collabs, however, he has done some in the past. Clix occasionally uploads videos, but streams to talk with his fans. 

General Info


Connor started his YouTube journey on the channel known as Cmcq80. On this channel, he streamed the well known game Minecraft daily. Later he changed to streaming the game ROBLOX as it gave him a larger viewer count per stream. He also used to do Robux giveaways when starting out his channel to help bring in new viewers and get his channel started. These giveaways were provided by one of his early subs "Kevinplays." Connor later changed his channel name to Clix to help with YouTube search engines when he reached 5,000 subscribers on his main channel. He later changed it to what it is now "Official Clix" due to someone else having a similar username, and was doing well at the time. Unfortunately, Connor's main YouTube channel Official Clix was falsely terminated just after reaching the milestone of 20,000 subscribers (Since been reinstalled). He has since made a new channel with the same username,  where he does the same type of content. The original channel was reinstalled on 6/20/20 after YouTube finally got back to Connor saying his legal request was correct.  

Personal Life

Other than YouTube, and streaming Connor is also a music artist by the name Clix Studios. He mainly composes classical music for cinematic films as well as video games, but he also has a few rock songs under his name. His first published song "Beat The Devil" was published in the summer of 2018. He has hundreds of different songs some of which have been used by YouTubers, Streamers, and different games/movies.

Connor also studies the art of making film. With the hopes of later becoming a cinematic composer being able to compose scores for movies. He would also like the minor in entertainment law as it helps with being a film major. He also knows how to play Piano, Flute, Villon, Recorder, Fish Whistle, and a bunch of other instruments. If you look in the background on his latest videos you can see a piano in the background. If you request a song something cool might happen.

Connor also has two cats named Thomas and Samuel, and a Leopard Gecko named Stripes. If you look in the background on his latest videos you can see Stripes sometimes moving around in her home. She rarely comes out though.

Connor has also programmed his own game called "Pokémon Click" back in 2015. He has discontented the game as he has no more interest in updating it; you can still play the game here. He also started working on a mobile game in 2018, but never finished it due to loss of files.


Clix's Channel contains footage of him recording Roblox games, or playing popular Roblox games live. He also plays different games from time to time on his new channel Official Clix. He used to do giveaway based on the game Roblox but has since quit doing so for users who were only coming for giveaways.

Banned From YouTube

Connor was falsely banned from YouTube for a total of 8 months while he tried to contact the support team to get his channel back. After making a second channel called Official Clix 2, and getting that channel to 1.2k subscribers. YouTube finally got back to Connor and gave his channel back on the 20th of June, 2020. While the channel had lost a great number of subscribers at least he got it back.

Ruptic Streams For Clix

While Clix's computer was broken in the summer of 2019. YouTuber friend RupticTheOg streamed for Clix for two days to help Clix maintain his viewer base. After the two streams did really well. Ruptic and Clix became good friends and have helped each other grow on the YouTube platform. Ruptic was said to have stolen Clix's channel at first, but Clix explain his friend was streaming for him!

Being In A JackSuckAtLife Video

While Clix has been in many different YouTubers videos. He says its an honor to have been in a JackSucksAtLife video. The video he was in was "Looking at my YouTube watch history" were Clix's video "All working Mangent Simulator Codes" videos was watched by Jack.

Being In A Lodotzip Video

Logdotzip is a Minecraft YouTuber who posts different videos talking about things that should be added to Minecraft. While Clix's channel name was still Cmcq80 he managed to get himself into his Skyblock video. His Minecraft player can be seen in the video for a few seconds before running out of frame.

Stream Raid By MyUsernamesThis

In the winter of 2018 Clix was raided by MyUsernamesThis. Clix has made a stream highlights video of the raid which can be watched here: Username joins his game and starts stream sniping him. This was Clix's most viewers in a live stream for a long time.

Discord Server

Connor has an official Discord server for the Official Clix channels that you can join here: In the Discord server to can talk to Clix, other viewers, recommend video ideas, and sometimes get to be in videos! He highly recommends you join the Discord server as it helps give important information if needed

Other Channels

Official Clix 2

The Official Clix 2 channel was created a short while after the main channel got terminated as a backup channel. Connor was uploading almost daily on this channel until the main channel got reinstalled. He plans on uploading every now and then to keep the viewership on that channel as well. The channel currently has over 1k subscribers.

Clix Studios

The Official Clix 3 channel or Clix Studios (Clix Music) channel was created as a backup channel in case anything happened to Official Clix 2. The Official Clix 3 channel will be used for music related uploads made by Connor. There is currently no content on this channel as it has around 30 subscribers.

Clix Music

Clix Music was Connor's old music channel. The channel was linked to the main channel so it got terminated as well. The channel only had 3 subscribers when Connor got the account back so he removed the channel as he planned to use Official Clix 3 witch had more active viewership for the music channel.

Team Iron

Team iron was a small collab channel Connor had with a few friends. They only ever posted five videos, none of which were from Connor. He closed the channel in the summer of 2019 as an inactive channel. The channel only got to 13 subscribers.

Team ICA80

Team ICA80 was a Minecraft collab channel for a server Connor was a manager for. On this channel, they posted updates and things related to the Minecraft server. Clix never uploaded any content to the channel, and it was never active after the summer of 2018. He closed the channel as an inactive channel. The channel only got to 150 subscribers.


Cmcq1 was Connors's first YouTube channel made in 2013. On this channel, he posted Roblox content without any audio or editing. This was before Connor made the Official Clix channel he has today. The Cmcq1 channel only reached 500 subscribers before being closed due to inactivity.

Minecraft Server

Official Clix Mc

While Connor is trying to get into the whole Minecraft trend he created his own Minecraft server by the name of Official Clix Mc server. This server is run by one of his mangers Orange. On this server, he does different challenges that viewers can join while he is live. While Connor isn't live the server runs 24/7 java 1.15.2 survival. You can join the server at this IP address:

Viewer Challenges

Connor uses his Minecraft server to do challenges with his viewers while he is streaming. These challenges range from different custom command challenges such as every minute jump boost goes up, or every minute a wither spawns. His viewers seem to love to be able to do Minecraft for a change. After the live stream, Clix edits the video down to a 15-25min video for people to watch.

Bacon Mc

Bacon Mc was a Minecraft server Connor was a Staff Manager for. There isn't much to say about this as the server never got anywhere.


OfficialCraft is a Minecraft server run by the YouTuber Officialimabanana. When Clix started doing Minecraft live streams before he had The Official Clix Mc Server. He would play on Official's server. The Officialcraft Minecraft server is a Towny 24/7 public server.


Connor plays a large number of games on his YouTube channel as a live stream. His main games are Minecraft and Roblox, but he does random indie games from time to time when viewers request them. He mainly uploads stream highlights as edited gameplay videos for daily content!


While Clix doesn't tend to post ROBLOX content as much as he used to, he still does a weekly ROBLOX code video were he covers all the working codes for a ROBLOX game at the time. Connor still does stream Roblox from time to time but does more indie games, and Minecraft.


Connor likes to stream Minecraft a few times a week on his Minecraft server "Official Clix Minecraft" were he does challenges with his viewers such as Minecraft, but every Minute A Wither Spawns." After the stream, Connor tends to edit the stream down to a 15-25min video for people to enjoy after.

Indie Games

Indie games are small developed games that many people do not know about. Connor likes to do an indie game stream once a week. He has placed games like "Milkman Karlson" and Poly Universe in the past. After the streams, he sometimes makes an edited video out of it.

Robux Giveaways

When Connor was a smaller YouTuber he would do Robux giveaways every ten subscribers while playing the game Roblox. This brought in many new viewers but cost Connor a lot of money. Long term he said this wasn't a good idea, and stopped doing them around 5,000 subscribers.

How To Enter

Entering his giveaways were simple. All you had to do was like, and subscribe. Fuzz bot would auto-pick a user who was subscribed to win the giveaway. After the winner was picked Connor would say the user in the stream and ask for the username.

Why He doesn't Do Them Anymore

Connor claims that doing giveaways like this doesn't help the channel long term, but slowly kills it. He is unwilling to do giveaways or content that viewers are not there for the content.

Jailbreak Live Streams

After Connor stopped doing Robux Giveaways. He moved to do Jailbreak Live streams. He did many different custom game modes with his viewers. Some are listed below

Hide and Seek

Hide and Seek was the main game mode he played on his Jailbreak Vip server. Viewers would be given 1 minute to hide somewhere inside the jail. Then Clix would seek for the viewers. The last viewer found would win 10,000 Roblox Jailbreak Cash.

Simon Says

Simon Says was played when the stream had an overload of viewers. It's just normal Simon Says but in Roblox. The last person left would win 10,000 Roblox Jailbreak Cash

Battle Royale

Connor loved playing the battle royale game-mode in Roblox Jailbreak as it gave a different feel from the normal custom game-mode live streams.


Infection was the game-mode Clix played with his viewers when he needed a chill relaxing game-mode to allow him to chat with his viewers.


Notable Achievements

Clix has done many things over his two and half years being a YouTuber, and streamer. While his main channel is currently terminated here are a few notable achievements Clix has gotten over the years.

  • 20,000+ Subscribers
  • 5.6+ million total views
  • Over 15 years of total watch time
  • Having a video reach over 40k+ views
  • Having a video reach over 1k+ likes
  • Having a stream reach over 500+ viewers at once
  • Being in a JackSucksAtLife video
  • Being in a Lodotzip Video
  • Being stream raided by MyUserNameIsThis
  • Using the term "Bloody Legend" before Lazarbeam started using it
  • Creating the term "Free Cookie If You Subscribe before Mr. Beast used it
  • One of the original Roblox streamers on YouTube
  • One of the original Minecraft streamers on YouTube

Notable Friends

  • Alemonati Gaming - 13,000+ subscribers
  • OfficialImaBanna - Small Youtuber, and Twitch streamer that Clix used to do Roblox Phantom forces with back when he first started YouTube
  • TheCrewRox - 8500+ subscribers
  • Jixxyjax - 22,000+ subscribers
  • godthegamer - 22,000+ subscribers
  • Al-Dawg - 1,300+ subscribers
  • UZI - 11k+ subscribers
  • AustinChallenges - 50k+ subscribers

Notable Users

  • Menzie - 5th subscriber of the original channel; Head admin of staff team; and active viewer.
  • Kev - Early supporter of the original channel; Helped with giveaway costs.
  • Orange - Early supporter of the original channel; First channel member, and support of giveaways.
  • mmistaken - Early supporter of the original channel; active stream moderator.
  • phoenix - Early supporter of the original channel; staff team manager.

Notable Sayings

  • "Bloody Legend"
  • "Free coffee, and cookies"
  • "OOF"
  • "OOP"
  • "OOFIES"
  • "I need just one more cup of coffee"
  • "Welcome _______ to the stream. Your a Bloody Legend for tuning in today!"
  • "Ooppies"


Gaming Set-Up

Connor's computer is custom-built.

PC Specs

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2400G
  • GPU: Radeon Vega Graphics 3.60 GHZ 4 Core
  • Motherboard: AB350N-Gaming WIFI-CF
  • Ram: 8GB (2 4BG Sticks)
  • SSD 128 GB Crucial
  • Case Thermaltake Square (Black)

Stream Setup

  • Connor's streaming setup is quite simple. It's a two-monitor, side computer for other mini-tasks, or sometimes his phone
  • His microphone is a Blue Snowball with a pop filter, and a windscreen.
  • He uses streamlabs OBS to stream.
  • He will release a video on this will be out when the new channel reaches a milestone, or when viewers request it.
  • He is later gonna add to his setup when needed.

Stream Settings

  • Encoder:x265
  • Rate Control:CBR
  • Bitrate 1300-1600
  • Buffer Size:1800
  • Keyframe Interval:2
  • CPU Usage Present: very fast
  • Profile: Main
  • Tune: Film
  • Sample Rate: 48khz
  • Channels: Stereo
  • Base (canvas) Ress: 1920x1080
  • Output (Scaled) Ress: 1280x720
  • Downscale Filter: Lanczos
  • Process Priority: Above Normal
  • Color Format: NV12
  • YUV Color Space: 709
  • YUV Color Range: Full


  • Connor was born in Jacksonville Florida.
  • Connor can play 8 instruments.
  • Connor has moved five times.
  • Connor has appeared on the channels JackSucksAtLife, Lodotzip, and Linkmon.
  • RupicTheOg once streamed for Connor while his computer was broken.
  • In almost all of Connor's Instagram photos of his cat, he is with him.
  • Al-Dwag is one of Connor's Friends from school that he help start his channel growth.
  • Connors's birthday is 10/1 which is the same day as National Homemade Cookie Day, and National Coffee Day.
  • Connor was terminated from YouTube for 8 months.
  • His plan is to live in Florida, near the ocean as a cinematic composer, get a minor in entertainment law, and to be a part-time streamer/YouTuber.


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