Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ has more than One Million Subscribers
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ plays video games
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ focuses on Anime
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ is a Musician
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ is from Japan
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ is female
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ created their account in 2019
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ is a member of the LGBTQ+ Community
Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ is a Content Creator on YouTube

Mogu! Mogu!

―Okayu Ch. 猫又おかゆ

Okayu Nekomata (born: February 22, 2005 (2005-02-22) [age 16]) is a Japanese VTuber affiliated with Hololive. She is part of its subgroup Hololive GAMERS along with Korone Inugami, Fubuki Shirakami and Mio Oogami.


She debuted on April 6, 2019. She is known to greet her viewers with "Mugi! Mugi!" the Japanese onomatopeia for chewing food. Okayu's next video after her debut was an ASMR video[1] of her whispering. She has streamed the games The Legend of Zelda, Mother 2, APEX Legends, Shadow Corridor, Super Mario Bros. 35, Super Mario Story, 60 Seconds, Rat Simulator, Getting Over It, Donkey Kong 64, Octopath Traveler, Mother 3, Jump King, Untitled Goose Game, Pokemon Unite and Monster Hunter Rise.

She has covered the songs Umiyuri Kaiteiten - n-buna, Otome Kaibou - DECO*27, Wakusei Loop - Suijin Nayutan, Fuwa fuwa time - Hiroyuki Maezawa, p.h. - SEVENTHLINKS, Nemuru Machi - yama, Moment Plus - Mikito-P, flos - R Sound Design, Cat-eye Make - kanon69, Cute0na Kanojo - syudou and Shitsuraku Petri - Nanahoshi Kangengakudan. To celebrate a year of VTubing, she sang Hyadain no Jyojo Mujo[2]


Her first collaboration was with Subaru, and her next was with Shiina Yuika. Her third collaboration and first chatting stream was with Korone Inugami[3]. Korone and Okayu are quite close and have featured each other in their streams quite frequently, and were close friends prior to joining hololive. Okayu has said that Korone is like a sister to her and she helped her with her grandmother after she was suffering from declining health. She has also admitted that when she gets the urge to kiss someone she kisses Korone.

Shion and Okayu's first collaboration was a chatting stream but later they played Onryeo together, and she has played Clubhouse 51 games with Pekora. She also collaborated with Mio to sing Otona no Okaite which became Mio's most popular video. Her chatting streams have also featured Kanata, Botan and , and she has held a singing stream with Towa.

She has also played Among Us with Hololive Gamers, Botan, Kanata, Sakura, Polka, Rushia, Subaru, Luna and Marine, and Garctic Phone with Fubuki, Mio, Aqua, Marine and Shion[4][5][6].


"Om, nom, Okayu!"

A cat being raised by an old woman that runs an onigiri store. She streams from the computer in her grandma's room.


  • In cat years she is 80+ years old


Shiny Smily Story

Release date: 16th September 2019

"Shiny Smily Story"
"Shiny Smily Story" (instrumental)

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Okayu and Korone appeared in Molly Online Crane Game. On February 17, 2021, Rakugaki Kingdom's Twitter account tweeted that Okayu, by mid March, would be one of the VTubers who would appear in the game.

In January of 2022, Okayu partnered with Ikinari Steak house[7]. This led to masses of customers arriving to the restuarant, and it had to shut down due to not having enough food for all of them.


  • Her character designers are Ceramic[8] and Kamiyoka Chihiro.[9]
  • She is good friends with Korone, even before joining Hololive, and says that Korone treated her like a little sister.[10]
  • Ironically she actually has her own pet cat, a small female American Shorthair named Temari (named after the Temari Balls of traditional Japanese handcraft culture). This has become a source of confusion for her fans.
  • She is a huge Dragon Ball Z fan.[11]
  • Her fanbase is officially called "Onigiryaa" (おにぎりゃー).
  • Due to the fact that she has a flirty personality and has great chemistry with other VTubers, she has earned the nickname "harem protagonist". She is also nicknamed "Okayun".
  • She is a Pisces.
  • Okayu is attracted to several of her fellow Hololive idols - whenever she feels the urge to kiss someone, she usually kisses Korone[12]. She has also admited that she likes Towa Tokoyami more than a friend.[13]
  • She and Noel Shirogane reached 700,000 subscribers on the same day.
  • She shares her illustrator with Shiina Yuika of Nijisanji.
  • She grew up in Aomori, though she revealed this accidentally.[14]
  • Her grandmother can be heard snoring in some streams.

Subscriber Milestones

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  • 800,000 subscribers: January 13, 2021
  • 900,000 subscribers: February 23, 2021
  • 1 million subscribers: April 17, 2021



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