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Oliver Hull (birthday: April 13), better known online as Olli (formerly Olli43), is an English gaming YouTuber who posts videos every day recently, most of which are currently based on the game Grand Theft Auto V. He has a place on Machinima respawn. He has also got another channel, called ShockBox, where he reviews technology. Olli also has another channel, MrOlliHull, which he doesn't upload on any more, and he has a new channel called Olliextra, which he hasn't uploaded on yet. 


Back in January 2012 he was one of the first YouTubers who started uploading videos about GTA V related news. His first GTA V video received over 2 million views and inspired many up and coming YouTubers to also create similar format videos. Up to the release of GTA V the channel received over 60,000,000 video views accounting for years and years of watch time as well as hitting well over 500,000 subscribers. Now that GTA V has been released, and after taking a well deserved break, he's back on YouTube stronger than ever creating daily gaming content that's watched by millions every month.

In summer 2014 he decided to start creating YouTube videos full time (anounced in this video: after his job as a web designer and not having enough time and energy to create videos after his job. In the video he said that he needs the time and energy to create the videos he and his viewers like. After the success of his primary channel, he started investing more time in his secondary channel (MrOlliHull) where he uploads longer letsplays, but isn't a big success rather than a hobby of his with often only a few thousand views.

In November 2017, Olli started ShockBox, where he gives his opinions on technology, for example, the Xbox One X. In early 2018 he created Olliextra, a channel that is going to be just everyday stuff and random stuff. 

In many of Olli's videos he is accompanied by his friend George (Geo23/GeoCam). George most prominently features in his and Olli's GTA Online Versus series, Human: Fall Flat videos and Golf It videos. Olli recently had a new studio built up.

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