Omegadge3 focuses on Anime
Omegadge3 is a Reviewer
Omegadge3 is from the United States
Omegadge3 is male
Omegadge3 created their account in 2010
Omegadge3 is a Content Creator on YouTube

Omegadge3, or simply Omegadge (also known as Da Games Elite), is an American anime YouTuber, fanfiction writer, and aspiring novelist, who has not uploaded since 2012. His original channel was called Da Games Elite when he first joined YouTube back in 2009, but over the years he has had many other YouTube channels, his previous ones getting suspended due to copyright issues. He was best known for his countdown lists, but also did occasional reviews, as well as an Abridged Series for both Neon Genesis Evangelion and Fruits Basket.

Most of his older videos have been lost in the eather of the Internet due to them having been uploaded to Blip after the YouTube channel that they were on got suspended, and Blip no longer exists. He was good friends in real life with BrainChild42, and the two did occasional collaboration videos with each other until BrainChild42 moved several states away. He also has an account on and as wrote 25 stories over the years, but hasn't updated any of them since 2012. And finally, he has aspirations of becoming a novelist, and was even trying to get his novel published, but none of his fans know for sure if he ever succeeded yet or not.

Friends (YouTube & Real Life)


  • Da Games Elite (first channel)
  • Omegadge (second channel)
  • Omegadge2 (third channel)
  • Omegadge3 (current channel)
  • Omegadge4 (backup channel)


Da Games Elite started back in 2009, along with his good friend, BrainChild42. Things that he's known for, aside from his videos, are his love of the anime series' Neon Genesis Evangelion and Fruits Basket, which is why he did an Abridged series for both of them.



Only one of his countdowns can actually be viewable today. Videos on his channel do relate to some of his other countdowns, but those videos were on Blip (link in the description), so only the trailer can be viewed. And the rest, countless lists that he's done are completely unknown today.

Abridged Series

Neon Genesis Evangelion

None of these are able to be viewed because they were uploaded to Blip.

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