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OneyPlays has more than One Million Subscribers
OneyPlays creates comedy videos
OneyPlays is an Animator
OneyPlays is an Artist
OneyPlays is a Musician
OneyPlays plays video games
OneyPlays is from Ireland
OneyPlays is male
OneyPlays created their account in 2008
OneyPlays is a Content Creator on YouTube

OneyPlays, with friends...

―OneyPlays's slogan

Christopher Luke "Chris" O'Neill (born: November 21, 1990 (1990-11-21) [age 31]), better known online as OneyPlays (also known as OneyNG and Oney), is an Irish YouTuber, animator, gamer, music producer, and game developer.


Early internet career

His first few videos were part of an animated series called "A Random Day", which went from October 2008 to 2009, later creating his first animations that had effort, SpongeBob Sickpants, and the Sicksons. A few months passed and Chris created an animation that became viral on YouTube, called Left 2 Death, later doing a sequel.


In the middle of Chris's career, was one of the handful of hosts for the YouTube podcast known as "SleepyCabin." Here he and his fellow hosts shared many tales of their past and of their everyday lives. They also made up their own stories, characters, and hypotheticals. On this show, both Chris and his friend Niall were known for telling stories that were known as, "Irish Stories." This channel, along with everyone's involvement, ended on the final episode, which aired on March 24, 2019.

The Present

Chris stopped doing animations in 2014 because he said he wanted to focus on more things besides animating, like music. He has made two videos on this channel, which are trailers for a game called Bowlbo.


He owns a gaming channel named "OneyPlays," originally called "Oney's Video Hole," and was where Chris uploaded random videos. Chris uploaded his first let's play on May 26, 2014 ( where he played Dark Souls. On June 22nd 2014 Chris started a new series known as Oney Plays with Pals! (though this would later be renamed Oney Plays with Friends!) where he played games with his friends and fellow YouTubers. The guests in these videos included Psychicpebbles (Zach Hadel), Spazkidin3D (Cory Spazkid), Cryburger (Niall Murray), Egoraptor (Arin Hanson) and DingDongVG.

This is known as phase 1 of OneyPlays and ended on August 4th 2016 with the upload of the first Oney Plays With Friends! video. After this, DingDongVG and Julian Marcel became main hosts on the show. The show then included guests such as SuperMega and occasionally old guests such as Cory Spazkid. This era gained a large audience, having many animated videos made of the various bits that were done on the show. Eventually, Ding Dong and Julian left the show so that they could continue to focus on their game company known as "Wan Wan Games." After they left, the guests of the show mainly consisted of psychicpebbles, Tomar, and Lyle.


Frequent Guests

Name Debut Status
psychicpebbles (Zach Hadel) Oney Plays Left 4 Dead 2 with Pals PART 1 - We play expert and suck really hard Currently a member
Joshua Tomar Oney Plays God of War WITH FRIENDS - EP 1 - ME SON Currently a member
Lyle Rath Oney Plays Chameleon Twist (N64) with Friends - EP 1 - Tonguing Deep Currently a member
DingDongVG Oney Plays Super Mario 64 Multiplayer with DINGDONG (Mod) - EP 1 Former member
Julian Marcel Oney Plays Luigi's Mansion WITH FRIENDS - EP 1 - Dolphin Former member

Other Guests

Name Debut Number of Series
Spazkidin3D Oney Plays Left 4 Dead 2 with Pals PART 1 - We play expert and suck really hard 30
Cryburger Oney Plays Left 4 Dead 2 with Pals PART 1 - We play expert and suck really hard 9
Egoraptor Oney Plays With Pals - RAGDOLL MASTERS - With Egoraptor 2
Matt Watson Oney Plays Luigi's Mansion WITH FRIENDS - EP 1 - Dolphin 12
Ryan McGee Oney Plays Luigi's Mansion WITH FRIENDS - EP 1 - Dolphin 3
Jeff Bandelin Oney Plays Chameleon Twist (N64) with Friends - EP 1 - Tonguing Deep 6
Amin Oney Plays PUBG WITH FRIENDS - EP1 - Big Buggy Men (REUPLOAD) 11
Uncle Buncus Oney Plays Earthworm Jim 2 WITH FRIENDS 1
Ricepirate Oney Plays Bloodborne WITH FRIENDS - EP 1 - Orson Wells 15
Veronica Gallardo Oney Plays Donkey Kong Country 2 - EP 1 - THE SECRET 2
amy Oney Plays Far Cry 5 - EP 1 - Stinky Bullet Holes 7
JonTronShow Oney Plays Newgrounds games with JonTron 1
Steve Oney Plays VR CHAT - Rafiki Destroys Happy Marriage 1
Jack Oney Plays Minority Report - EP 1 - DAAA 1
Lami Oney Plays Minority Report - EP 1 - DAAA 1
Phantom Arcade Oney Plays The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker - EP 1 - Milky Thoughts 8
NakeyJakey Oney and Nakey Jakey Play Demon's Souls - Ep 1 - Receedus Rises 1

Genesis Valentine

The Living Nightmare - Oney Plays Second Life - EP 1 1
Shädman Oney Plays PUBG WITH FRIENDS - EP1 - Big Buggy Men (REUPLOAD) 1
Sr Pelo Slightly Artistic - Super Mario with @Sr Pelo 1
Harry Partridge Slightly Artistic - Kickassia (Channel Awesome) with @Harry Partridge 1


  • Chris currently resides on the Los Angeles area, where he is working on a game called, "Bowlbo."
  • Chris and Ding Dong's voices are occasionally mixed up when they're animations made of them.
  • A large group of YouTube animators got together to animate an entire episode of OneyPlays. This was known as the "Totally Tubular Collab." The title of this project was in reference to a quote from Chris's Sickson's video, "Totally Tubular, Dude!"
  • After Ding Dong and Julian left the show, Chris started playing more shooter games.
  • There are a handful of channels that are dedicated to posting clips from the OneyPlays channel, such as MatterBoar, BestOfGamePlays, Otto Heckel, and Hebblewater1.
  • He used to voice the character, Eduardo in Eddsworld before getting replaced with Brock Baker.
  • OneyPlays responded to Doug Walker and Linkara's reaction to the channel. He was happy that Doug thought he was funny but he didn't care about Linkara's negative perception.
  • Chris created a channel in 2012 called OneyMusic where he gives music tutorials and reviews.