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Tristan Sudario (birthday: August 11), better known online as Orange9098, is a Filipino-American YouTuber who reuploads multiple sets of videos. This was known in two phases, one as uploading the full Piggy Tales 4th Street series before it was officially uploaded months earlier, and second as the reuploading from the SAKs channels following the termination of all channels (caused a huge spike to bypass 50,000 and 100,000), and is continuing through today. Meanwhile, the channel also uploads gameplay from Game of Dice.


Illegal reuploading of Piggy Tales 4th Street

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During December 2017, Rovio Entertainment released the entire series on YouTube, iTunes, and on DVD before releasing on the official Angry Birds channel. This ended up getting his attention, as this edit shows. The leaking began with the first upload of Getaway Graffiti, then releasing them chronologically backward with the dates of December 25th and 26th. However, as multiple videos got blocked from YouTube's system, he used Dailymotiom to re-release his leaks. The Angry Birds channel would not upload officially until February 10, 2018.

SAKs Channel Reuploading & Quick Fame

Shortly after the termination of all SAKs channels, he fully published a video relating the category (Katherine and Rachel Try New Foods) and it massively gained a million views days later. This soon sparked an uproar of more uploading, and even Monetization was allowed to the channel (even earning $1,000+ one time via an announcement). Very quickly, however, the videos were quickly deleted (for an unknown reason) as a new era was supposed to ring in (with the uploading of certain ads). The reuploading continued on July 11, 2019, with another Katherine and Rachel video and subscribers returned. This changed on and off for the next few videos.

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