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Yusef Iqbal, better known online as Otaku-Vs, is an anime-related YouTuber who created his channel back in 2013, which is currently focused on creating short skits with decent animations in them. He is also a member of the Anime YouTube Group The Anime Galaxy when he joined back in 30 January 2014.

Yusef has been creating his own "cinematic universe" for his channel which feature characters including Ota-chan, Jerry, Assistant-kun, Shinji the Pizza Delivery Man, and the Narrator. His characters are voiced by LOLLIA, GLENLOVESANIME, AverageAnimeFan, RCAnime, Zoiney, and BaronJ.

Good Friends on YouTube

  2. Lollia
  3. BaronJ
  4. Zoiney
  5. ChaseFace
  6. Strekks
  7. AverageAnimeFan
  8. The Canipa Effect
  9. RCAnime
  10. Captain Tipper
  11. AnimeRuss
  12. LouTalksAnime (Lou)
  13. R0yalBlew
  14. TheFettman13
  15. Alex Kami
  16. Notaku


Yusef the creator of the channel originally made it to talk to his clueless cousin about anime hence the original name of the channel being Otaku vs Notaku a series of podcast like videos. The direction of the the channel then moved towards Solo Reviews, Reactions and Top Videos. His break out hit Why Hayao Miyazaki Sucks changed the direction of his channel once again to much more highly edited videos as well as creating his own stories and Adventures. Currently he is still doing this and has been for over a year now.

It is known by many of his Fans (The YusTubers) that his characters all exist in an interconnected Otakuverse similar to that of MCU. As well as that is actually a chronological order to watch all the videos . Many fans like to spot characters such Shinji from Shinji's Pizzeria in the background of videos.


  1. The 6 Girls You'll Date in Anime
  2. If Anime Characters Used Pick up Lines
  3. Shinji From Evangelion Gets Fired!
  4. The 6 Ways to get Senpai to Notice you
  5. If Anime Guys Went on a Date
  6. The Crossover Cafe - Ep. 1 Drake
  7. Why you shouldn't play dating simulators
  8. The 6 Ways to Get a Harem in Anime
  9. Can Anime Cure Anxiety?
  10. If Anime Guys were under the Mistletoe
  11. The 5 Steps to become Saitama
  12. True Facts About Your Waifu



  1. The Personal Series
  2. The Otakuverse Series
  3. The Five Steps Series
  4. True Facts Series


  1. The Six Series
  2. The Dating Series

Original Characters

  1. Ota-chan
  2. Nota-chan
  3. Mari-chan
  4. Boss Yusef
  5. Psycho Kōhai
  6. The Detective
  7. Hayao Miyazaki
  8. The Manager
  9. The Waitress
  10. Yusef Iqbal
  11. Misty Chronexia
  12. Handsome Timeless Entity
  13. Bill (From Accounts)
  14. DocTaku (Standard Cosmetic Surgery Droid)
  15. Narrator Chan
  16. Jerry

Known Collaborators

  1. Script Writers
    2. TipperAnime
    3. BaronJ
    4. AverageAnimeFan
    5. Strekks
    6. ChaseFaceShow
    7. RCAnime
    8. The Canipa Effect
    9. Alex Kami
    10. Notaku
  2. Voice Actors
    2. LOLLIA
    3. BaronJ
    4. Zoiney
    5. ChaseFaceShow
    6. Strekks
    7. AverageAnimeFan
    8. The Canipa Effect
    9. RCAnime
    10. TipperAnime
    11. AnimeRuss
    12. LouTalksAnime (Lou)
    13. R0yalBlew
    14. TheFettman13

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