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Overhazard is a popular North American YouTuber, aged 22, famous for commonly uploading his online races on Mario Kart Wii, Brawls on Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Battles on Pokémon Battle Revolution, and Super Mario Galaxy/Zack & Wiki Missions. He's been creating Meteos, Sonic Unleashed, and (more recently) BlazBlue videos. Like most uploaders of his kind, he does not take requests for Wi-Fi matches, although if it's a request for him to record footage of a level or character in a game, he'll sometimes take the request. Overhazard is one of three administrators from Mario Heaven and is the leader of Shy Guy SWAT Squad (One of the forums clubs). He's often mistaken for a woman due to his style and personality.


Overhazard is often considered an artist, being able to create wonderful pieces of work like comics, sketches, and illustrations. His profile icon is an example. It is a chameleon named Camille. Camille is often seen in different outfits and colors, most likely referencing real world chameleons. He has also had a different profile icon of the same character in the past. Another notable character she uses is Ophelia Olivia Duhr, a skunk, who is often seen in his Mario Heaven account. Unlike Camille, Ophelia rarely costumes but will change outfits to fit certain events like Holidays or Seasons.