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Overly Sarcastic Productions, is an educational YouTube channel that covers topics in classic and ancient mythology, literature, and history, usually presenting them with animation in a humorous style. The two hosts go by pseudonyms Red and Blue.

The first video on the channel was a project Red made for a class assignment on Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing uploaded on December 18, 2012. She and Blue, her good friend from high school, began using the channel to post informative and humorous videos about literature, mythology, classics, and history. Red draws most of the animations for the videos.

From their website, "Red considers her half of the channel a thinly-veiled excuse to incessantly discuss her special interests without boring her friends and family to tears or homicide," and "Blue considers his half of the channel an expansive exercise in time traveling wish-fulfillment, and a great excuse to both learn from and laugh at the past. What's Augustus going to do, reach out from 14 AD and stab him?"

Featured Channels

  1. Lindsay Ellis
  2. Shadiversity
  3. Suibhne
  4. Hello Future Me
  5. The Armchair Historian
  6. Because Science
  7. TierZoo
  8. Historia Civilis
  9. TED-Ed
  10. Potential History

Major Works


Trope Talk

Trope Talk is the main thing that Overly Sarcastic Productions is known for; hosted by Red, it's a series where she goes in depth with various common tropes in fiction, explaining what they are, common ways they're used, and famous examples of them.

  1. Beginnings
  2. Realism
  3. Writing What You Kno
  4. We're Not So Different
  5. Strong Female Characters
  6. Evil Empires
  7. Mary Sue
  8. Paragons
  9. Rule of 3
  10. Manly Men!
  11. Five Man Band
  12. Reformed Villains
  13. Fallen Heroes
  14. Damsels in Distress
  15. Character Deaths
  16. Planets of Hats
  17. Power of Friendship!
  18. Chosen Ones
  19. Save the World
  20. Romantic Subplots
  21. The Hero's Journey
  22. Magic
  23. Dystopias (with special guest Hello Future Me)
  24. Mind Control
  25. My Powers Are Gone!
  26. Time Travel
  27. Post Apocalypses
  28. Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass
  29. Pure Evil
  30. Tournament Arcs
  31. Robots
  32. Plot Twists
  33. Evil Minions
  34. Amnesia
  35. Darkest Hours
  36. Nemessees
  37. Anti-Heroes
  38. Mentors
  39. MacGuffins
  40. Urban Fantasy
  41. Lancers

Myth's Summarized

Myth's Summarized is a series where Red summarizes various myths from around the world, from the stories of gods and goddesses, to even legends like King Arthur. She summarizes them decently short, trying to put in all of the major details without dragging on too long, and also puts comedy in the videos to keep people entertained.

Halloween Specials

Every year, Red does a Halloween Special, where she talks about random myths, legends, folklore, or literature that has something to do with the themes of the holiday.

  1. Edgar Allen Poe
  2. Dracula
  3. Frankenstein
  4. H.P. Lovecraft
  5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde


History Summarized

History Summarized is Blue's primary series. Similarly to Red's Myth's Summarized, this series has Blue summarizing various famous/infamous events and people from history, from Chinese History, to Egyptian History, to Greek History, to Roman History, ect. He summarizes them decently short, trying to put in all of the major details without dragging on too long, and also puts comedy in the videos to keep people entertained.


  • Red and Blue are friends who have known each other since high school.
  • Red and Blue grew the channel whilst in college, graduating with degrees in Mathematics and Classics & Philosophy respectively. They now work on the channel full-time.
  • Red identifies as asexual panromantic.

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