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Hey guys! PIEGUYRULZ here!


PIEGUYRULZ (born: November 4, 1993 (1993-11-04) [age 26]) is an American YouTube channel that discusses cartoons and occasionally live action shows. The channel mostly discusses SpongeBob, Steven Universe and Nickelodeon in general.

Current Shows

Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed!

In this series, Pieguy reviews every episode of SpongeBob ever. Each video discusses a particular season or movie of SpongeBob and reviews all the episodes in it.

As of September 22, 2018, the series has covered the first 10 seasons of SpongeBob. On June 30th, 2020, he announced that he was done making the series.

Spongey Bits

In Spongey Bits, Pieguy goes further into depth about a particular episode or set of episodes from his "Every Episode of SpongeBob Reviewed" series. IF he is unhappy with the review he made, or feels he can expand more, he will create a Spongey Bits episode discussing and reviewing the SpongeBob episode in further depth.

Audio Essays

In this series, Pieguy discusses things about television in general, such as the importance of buttmonkeys, trust in television, and if storytelling has rules.

Square Theory

In this series, Pieguy delves deeper into SpongeBob topics he normally couldn't in the Every Episode reviewed series.

First Impressions

In this series, Pieguy gives his thoughts on new and recent cartoons.

Series Reviews

Pieguy reviews cartoons in general in this series.

Bottom of the Bakery

Pieguy discusses bad episodes of live action shows in this series.

Bizzaro Bakery

Pieguy discusses good episodes of live action shows in this series.

Former Shows

Adventure Time TVlogs

In this series, Pieguy would give his thoughts on new episodes of Adventure Time, as it used to be the main series he talked about on the channel, it has been retired because he didn't have much to say during Season 6 and had stopped regularly watching the show due to falling out of love with the show.

DVD and Bluray Reviews

Pieguy would review DVDs of shows in this series.

The State of the Network Rant

Pieguy would talk about the state of Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon (and occasionally Disney Channel) each year and discuss their current programming and how welll they've been doing in general for the past year.

College Confessions

A short lived series where Pieguy would discuss his experiences in college.


A podcast that Pieguy did with MonstersReview where they talk about episodes from cartoon that have same plot and they discuss about them. Re-Cast stand for Reboot Revival Rehash. The podcast ran for 69 episodes  

Pieguy Plays

Pieguy Plays is Pieguy's secondary channel where he has let's plays of video games based on cartoons, typically SpongeBob.

He has played Revenge of the Flying Dutchman, Battle for Bikini Bottom, Nicktoons Unite!, Ed Edd n Eddy: The Mis-Edventures, The SpongeBob Movie game and more. It is a less popular channel than his normal channel.


Pieguy has collaberated with many YouTubers, including Mr. Enter, EyeofSol, PhoenixPen, Nathaniel Bandy,MonstersReview and even chuggaaconroy.

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