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Shut up!

―Tessi whenever someone tries to call her out

Mya "Tessi" West (born: April 1, 2002 (2002-04-01) [age 19]), better known online as PLAYMATETESSI (also known by Kate Lynn) is an American YouTuber and streamer who is infamously known for making fun of a patient with leukemia, abusing her cat, and other actions.

Personal life

Tessi and her sister Tia were raised by a single dad. Her real name is Mya West. Her relationship with her mother, Eman Mahdi, is unknown, though Tessi has mentioned that she hates her. She used to reside in Kuwait, then Germany, and went to Arkansas for her schooling, before moving again to Texas. At some point, the family resided with Jim's mother after Tessi's own mother kicked them out. Her father is a successful author and cybersecurity expert with many awards and nominations under his belt and her mother is a real estate agent.

On Dr. Phil, Jim revealed that Mya's mother cheated on him with multiple men, calling her a "narcissistic, selfish, whore". He yelled all this at her younger sister, but he later felt ashamed and apologized to her. Phil also contacted Mya's mother, who said that Jim was abusive to her, held a gun to her head, would push her head against a wall, call Mya stupid and say she would never succeed in life and spank her to the point it left marks. She claimed she wanted custody of Mya but was too scared to handle Mya on her own, and left because Jim was abusive. Jim replied that if that was true, why didn't she ever try to get custody back from him despite her multiple lawyers. This was all revealed when she appeared on the Dr. Phil show[1].


Tessi spent most of her time creating random YouTube videos and live streams for her viewers. Her audience is overwhelmingly comprised of haters, with very little fans or supporters. Her YouTube channels are flooded with miscellaneous videos that can include cake baking, sushi making, and blowing up balloons. She also has an OnlyFans account.

On March 2, 2021 she announced she was quitting YouTube[2]. However she went on to make more videos.

On April 16, 2021, YouTube terminated her channel, but she tweeted out that she has a backup channel.

on May 3, 2021, Her main channel got it back.


Cancer patient

In January 2021, Tessi’s video of her, with people on Omegle became famous online. In the video, she came across a Cancer patient, and ridiculed her[3]. She even called the patient “disfigured” and “lamentable.” This caused a ton of backlash, sparking anger and hatred towards Tessi. As of February 4, 2021, most of Tessi's videos have a high dislike to like ratio, including her apology[4]. Because of that, commentary YouTubers like Sensitive soci3ty have made multiple videos on her. On March 10th of 2021, Tessi tweeted the following sentence to her Twitter: "If u don’t want to be made fun of for having cancer just don’t have fucking cancer dumb poors"

After the video of her mocking a cancer patient went viral, her father disowned her and told her he was kicking her out of her house[5]. She then called the cops[6] and lied that her father was abusing her[7], that he had several mental illnesses and tons of guns, and that he intended to kill her. However all these accusations were false. Her father would later come on stream and discuss his experience with her[8]. After she was kicked out, she lived in a hotel room. She also doxxed her father's address.

Later, her father revealed[9] that this was not the first time she behaved badly, Jeremy stated that his daughter had been in hot water before as well when she was arrested in school for streaming herself doing Xanax. He had even taken her to psychologists and therapists over the years, but it was futile as she refused the help. In addition she has been in and out of psych wards, juvenile detention centers and has been on and off a plethora of psychotropic medicine. She also has extremely poor personal hygiene and barely ever showers. After he said that, she made a video with a towel in her head - like as if she did just got out of the shower - but someone pointed out that it was visible that her hair was dry.

In his ending statement in the video, he stated, "You know what Mya? You can come after me all you want. I'm an adult. I can deal with it but your sister is a minor. Your sister has had to be front row and center for all your drama. You've just started being an adult, and you've never really had to pay for anything. Never had to be responsible for bills but that all ended last night because you decided to call the cops on me for no reason". She quoted, "Shortly after I booked my hotel (because I had to leave the house) while trying to get an Uber, my dad erupted violently on the phone. My sister was banging on the door to let me know that he was coming home, and that got recorded as well."

According to Jeremy, however, Tessi lied and had unwittingly involved her younger sister on the live stream when she had called the cops. She had also broken ground rules he had put into place, which allowed her to stay with him.


In Fall 2020, an account[10] on TikTok revealed how Tessi scammed people under the username @rangehoeverrr including sending someone a fake Chanel necklace[11].


After her father kicked her out, people attempted to contact Eman Mehdi, her mother, to tell her about her daughter. Tessi regarded this as blackmailing and made a video saying that blackmail was illegal[12].


Tessi sparked more controversy when she said "racism should happen" and started making fun of Mexicans and Germans.[1]

Animal abuse

Tessi has shown abusive behavior to her cat, Molly[13], such as pinning her down and revealing[14] several clips of her wrangling Molly on Instagram, starving her and putting her outside where its cold. She then announced she didn't love Molly anymore and was giving her away. On 5th March 2021, at 11:23 PM, she went live and claimed to say she lost her.

Comments about autism

Tessi said that autism wasn't real, and that people were pretending to have it. She also advocated for genetic cleansing and said autistic people should be gassed and sent to concentration camps[15].

Copyright striking

After a YouTuber, Dr. Demonic, made a video criticizing her for her comments about autism (as he happened to be autistic himself), she copyright striked his video and claimed that criticizing her is "harassment".[16]


During a live stream uploaded to her channel on March 14, 2021, she states that being transgender is weird[18].


Her channel got terminated on April 16, 2021. Right after she got terminated, she tweeted out that she has a backup channel with the same channel name, but then changed the name to PLAYMATETESSI INC.

After her termination, she appeared on Dr. Phil's show, saying that everyone hated her as they were jealous of her[17].

Her main channel had returned on May 3, 2021.


  • "Oh my god, that is a wig, so embarrassing. Do you have cancer? You're such a loser. Your wig is even falling off. What is it even like having cancer?"


  • Her father[18] wrote a children's book with the main character based on her[19], where Tessi is credited as an illustrator
  • She is of Dutch, French, Irish, Cherokee, Korean, Japanese (paternal grandmother) and Arabic descent. To sepcify, her paternal grandfather, Jim's father, is Dutch, French, Irish and Cherokee, and her paternal grandmother is Korean and Japanese. Jim is mixed race, and Tessi's mother is Arabic.
  • She is one of, if not the, most hated YouTuber(s) on the platform. Every single video/stream she makes has at least 15 times more dislikes than likes

Subscriber milestones

  • 10,000 subscribers: March 15, 2021



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