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Evan, better known online as PNMFilmsInc is a popular YouTuber. Its first video was put up September 15, 2007. He has five very different types of videos: Lego, Cat, Video game, Evan, and Miscellaneous. His most viewed are Lego Evan, Video, Cat, Miscellaneous. He is friends with 16draw33ia a popular YouTube account. They both advertise eachother channels. PNM stands from Placid Nonsensible Manetees.



His original Lego videos are the most viewed videos on PNM. They are all Harry Potter Legos with OJ Simpson thrown in. They are all voiced by Evan with the exception of Malfoy and OJ who are voiced by Peyton. The most famous Lego video was: Harry Potter Puppet Pals Bothering Snape: Lego Version. A Lego version of a very popular video. It had an explosion of views. His second most viewed one is Harry Potter Lego Rap which is a rap for several Harry Potter charecters. Other Episodes are "Ron's Flying Machine" "Soccerballius" "Malfoy's New Do" "Don't Drink OJ" and "Half a Harry Potter on a Stick"


Evan is the owner of the account he is featured in most of the videos on PNM He is friends with Peyton of 16dra33ia, Chaz of riddles500, Anakin,of Redmon12, Matthias of Matthias10899, and Taco of PaintballGod12. They feature eachother in there videos. Evan is known for many random videos as well as his most famous ones the Emotional Evans. Other Evan Episodes include: " Evan on Black Friday" "Evan in a Bin" "Evan Talks Randomly" "How do They Make Cheezits" "These are my Feet" "The Geek" "Evan in a Bin Speeded up" "Evan Talks Randomly Speeded Up" and "Don't Click Here"

"Emotional" Evan

"Emotional" Evan is Evans second biggest hit and largets hit of the Evans. The debut epsiode was: Emotional Evan #1: The Star Wars BobbleHead. The latest episode was: Emotional Evan #4: The Hockey game, which featured Crazy Bob. Other Emotional Evan Epsiodes are: Emotional Evan #2: The Guitar and Emotional Evan #3: The Wood Stove. The series is based of a kid named Evan with some Emotional problems. He gets upset, yells or cries easily. There was a rumor of a Christmas Special but it was proved untrue.