PanosDentGames plays video games
PanosDentGames is a Vlogger
PanosDentGames is from Greece
PanosDentGames is male
PanosDentGames created their account in 2016
PanosDentGames is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Panos Eftaxias (born: January 8, 1993 (1993-01-08) [age 28]), better known online as PanosDentGames and PanosDentVlogs, is a Vlog, Games and Unboxing YouTuber better known for his vlogs and his gaming videos. We are not sure where exactly he was born in Greece but, we know that he currently lives in Thessaloniki.


His vlogging channel has over 357k subscribers and 57 million views, his gaming channel which is newer, because of the daily videos he uploads, has over 528k subscribers and 183 million views. He had an old channel called PanosDentTUBE, at the moment it has 55k subscribers and was uploading challenges and prank videos. It is currently inactive for about 3 years from now.


He has a girlfriend, Konstantina, which has a youtube channel with 196k subscribers and lots of Youtuber friends which are so many that is difficult to be written.