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Sophie Louise Dempster (born: June 10, 2001 (2001-06-10) [age 19]), better known as ParaReact, is a Scottish YouTube reactor and photographer. She uploads mainly reaction videos but sometimes uploads other types of videos. She used to have a main channel from 2014-2016 but the channel "ParaReact" is her new main channel since February 2016, on which she uploaded her first video on March 1, 2016.


ParaReact first began YouTube when she started her very first channel called Sophie Dempster. She abandoned that channel early of 2016 and moved onto her current main channel ParaReact. Her current channel has had huge popularity from reaction videos to Try Not To Laugh, DashieGames, Cyanide & Happiness and SuperMarioLogan videos. She also has huge success from being in reaction mashup videos.

Para currently lives with her parents, two younger siblings and her dog "Poppy".

She normally records in her bedroom, which is the only place she can record without being disturbed most of the time. But during her videos, her family sometimes disturbs her a lot when she records, which one can sometimes see and hear during when she is reacting.

Personal Life

Before joining YouTube, she had a hard time during school where she constantly moved schools due to school not providing her extra learning support which she was born with learning difficulties.

She explained in her videos that not only she has learning difficulties but she has depression which she has been suffering since the first year she started her reaction channel. She said that her depression has got worse over the years, due to which she has received antidepressants through the doctors, which didn't work but currently going through counselling. She also mentioned that she has anxiety, which she thinks is what caused her to have depressions since the beginning. 

Some viewers have noticed some scratch marks on both of her hands in her videos, of which, the sources are not known, or if this is related to her mental illness. 

Para always wanted to be in the Media industry since starting academy but later in her academic years, but she didn't have the right qualifications to study in Media. Instead, she decided to do something else but still relating to Art, which she really enjoyed at school.

When Sophie left school, she went to college to study Photography from September 2018, a week after she left and graduated academy, but she finished college within less of a year in late April of 2019 and fully graduated in summer of June.


  • She started her ParaReact channel at the age of 14.
  • She got her dog Poppy in May 2016 and been in some of her videos.
  • She started her old main channel in 2014 (age 12).
  • She gained 1,000 subscribers one week after her very first upload.
  • She used to be a fan of the American paranormal TV show called Ghost Adventures
  • She likes to dye her hair more than a couple of times a year.
  • She got her first and second tattoo two weeks after her 18th birthday on the same day.
  • She has learning difficulties.
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