Patty Walters is a Musician
Patty Walters is a Vlogger
Patty Walters is from the United States
Patty Walters is male
Patty Walters created their account in 2008
Patty Walters is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Patrick Thomas "Patty" Walters (born: September 12, 1991 (1991-09-12) [age 29]) is an American singer and former YouTuber best known as the lead vocalist of the band As It Is. He is joined by fellow members Andy Westhead, Patrick Foley, Ben Langford-Biss, and Alistair Testo. Patty quit making videos on his YouTube channel on Oct 2, 2014 when he became the lead singer of the band As It Is, posting his last video under the title "A New Chapter.".

As It Is

As It Is was started in spring 2012 by Minnesota-born Patty Walters, who posted an advertisement stating that he was looking for musicians to be in a pop punk band using the online service Join My Band. Andy Westhead and Patrick Foley replied to the advertisement and were accepted into the band along with Benjamin Langford-Biss who Walters knew from university.

As the band got more attention, Patty decided to completely divert his attention to the band rather than his solo career doing covers.


  • He is friends with the YouTuber/fellow singer/song-writer Emma Blackery.
  • His first video is a cover of Joshua Radin's song "Winter," which he posted on October 20th, 2009.
  • His band was signed to Fearless Records.
  • He started a relationship with Dottie Martin in June of 2013.
  • He was featured in a music video by Luke Cutforth.
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