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Anime YouTuber

Pause and Select is a YouTube channel dedicated to doing in depth analysis of anime or anime themes, run by two people, Brian and Joe. There videos are usually relatively short, but they are able to cover a lot of ground in the short time you're listening to them.

Good Friends on YouTube

  1. HyperAnimeReviews
  2. KevinNyaa
  3. ~Sent Anime Stuff
  4. Rogersmith2004
  5. Kenji the Enigi Anime Reviews
  6. AnimeEveryday
  7. Cyanide Blizzard


Anime Reviews

  1. Big Order
  2. Grimgar
  3. KonoSuba
  4. One Punch Man
  5. Sakamoto-san no Ashimoto ni wa Shitai ga Umatteiru

Short Form

  1. Anime, Manga, and Religiosity in Japan
  2. Understanding Disaster Part 1: Death Note's Apocalyptic Language
  3. Understanding Disaster Part 2: Akira and the Postmortum Apocalypse
  4. Stray Notes on Anime in Winter 2016
  5. Uncertain Identities in Amagi Brilliant Park
  6. Dagashi Kashi is about Candy
  7. Death in Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu
  8. What's Up With Split-Screens in Gate?
  9. The Perversion of Justice in ERASED
  10. Hourou Musuko and Love
  11. Rurouni Kenshin and Adaptation
  12. Full Moon wo Sagashite and Observation
  13. Akatsuki no Yona and Change
  14. The Temporal Messages of Metropolis
  15. The Hands of Clannad
  16. Morality in Jin-Roh's Intertext
  17. One Punch Man, Watchmen, and Collectivism
  18. The Perfect Insider Does Everything Wrong
  19. Tokyo Godfathers and Pairing
  20. Overlord and Comparing Fight Structure
  21. One Punch Man's Golden Ratios
  22. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun and Satirical Absurdity
  23. Roujin D and Defending Humanity
  24. Monster Musume and Spatial Comprehension
  25. Necro Power in Now and Then, Here and There
  26. Gakkou Gurashi's Desparate Strengths
  27. Rokka no Yuusha and Foiling
  28. In Praise of Humble Ramen
  29. Flag and Modern Warfare
  30. Kyousugiga and Visual Information
  31. Gyo, Horror, Jokes, and Particularities
  32. Monster Musume Episode 1 Review
  33. Joe Recommends: Monster Episode 1


Mangapod Book Club


  1. MangaPod Book Club Episode 160: Innocent (Chapters 1-41) ft. Pause and Select!

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