Pegasus is a Commentator
Pegasus plays video games
Pegasus is male
Pegasus created their account in 2018
Pegasus is a Content Creator on YouTube

Pegasus is a YouTuber known for his reaction videos. These videos focus on a range of topics including internet drama and news, YouTube comments, or controversial takes from Twitter, Reddit, or TikTok users


Pegasus enjoys creating videos, watching shows, and gaming, and has said making videos forever is his dream job. He also likes anime, mainly Pokemon, which is seen in his use of music and clips from the games/series in numerous videos, and Kaiji. He is also a fan of PewDiePie, which is reflected in the shield of his avatar, and the Sidemen. He likes to talk about things or people that annoy him which is what he bases his entire main channel around.


Pegasus started his channel in 2018, and began gaining popularity in 2020 after uploading daily and creating videos based on popular commentary topics. All videos that were uploaded prior to June 2019 have since been made private. He also runs two other active channels called BlueNite, where he has made gaming, commentary, and review videos, and Pegasus Gaming, where he is making gaming content. Starting on March 6th 2021 he created his subreddit "r/stanpegasus" which has become his newest series on his channel with 7 episodes as of April 2021.


  • He despises karens.
  • He prefers to stay anonymous so almost nothing about him or his identity is known other than his voice and the top part of his face.
  • His most hated social media platform is twitter due to the people on it being to sensitive in his eyes and a lot of the videos on his channel are about it.
  • He is a huge fan of Regular Show to the point of having made Muscle Man his twitter profile picture in the past.
  • He has studied computer science at college, but has said he dislikes the subject and despises the education system in general.
  • He dislikes the game Minecraft as he has said he doesn't enjoy it.
  • Most posts on his subreddit are either art with him as an anime girl, jokes about Among Us, or jokes about Friday Night Funkin much to his annoyance. Although there is a lot of other fanart on there as well
  • He claims his videos are not commentary as he says it's a bad genre. He prefers to be considered a talking channel.
  • In one Q&A he stated that he was straight but he doesn't mind guys either, but in a newer Q&A he stated that he could possibly identify as either straight or ace as he's never really had a sexual attraction and has never been in a relationship.
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