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Jordan Lee Atkinson (born August 11, 1995 (1995-08-11) [age 24]), is a Minecraft YouTuber that started creating videos on February 10, 2012. He goes by the name PerpetualJordan on YouTube. He got the name PerpetualJordan by randomly selecting a word out of a dictionary and including his name. Before he started his PerpetualJordan YouTube channel, he had an old channel called IJordan1811. His current YouTube channel is based off of a fictional land known as The Shire. He has always viewed his channel as a gaming channel and not restricted to only Minecraft. Jordan tends to record with SkyDoesMinecraft, FireRockerzStudios, ItsCib, Bashurverse, AntVenom, Palmerater, and many more. He has been well known for doing parkour, UHC, and the occasional mod showcase. Jordan also livestreams on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Over the summer Jordan hit the 100,000 sub milestone.



  • He has only had one girlfriend
  • Jordan calls his subscribers Hobbits (AKA The Hobbit Army)
  • His favorite Pokémon are either Charmander, Chikorita, or Squirtle
  • His favorite type of candy is Saltwater Taffy
  • Sky blue is his favorite color
  • Jordan is currently addicted to Mountain Dew
  • Jordan's Minecraft skin is Frodo from the Lord of the Rings series


  • Dangit all!
  • Poop!
  • Oh God, no!
  • I pooped a little bit
  • Come on, buddy!
  • I respect that
  • You can't have my booty!
  • I try
  • Dem Gucci booties
  • The chicken is a lovely creature
  • Hey, what's going on, Hobbits
  • Pig pig piggy!
  • It's a spiddery spidery spoo!
  • It's a skilly skelly skeleton!
  • Huzzah!
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