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Known online as Pervert Pete and the YouTube channel aLilCrankCrank, Pervert Pete is a character who would go on video chat sites like Omegle and Chatroulette and tries to make new friends. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not but it always ends in some sort of high jinks in the end. Pervert Pete is a make believe character played and created by Comedian Gary Gabagool. Everything you see in all his videos is for comedic purposes only.

Sookie Nation Channel

Sookie Nation is the second channel to Pervert Pete and was created on February 20, 2016. On the channel you will find vlog videos, Live shows, BTS on how he makes his Omegle videos and giveaways to his fans.

Pervert Pete Goes Into Hiding

On May 18, 2016, Pervert Pete's YouTube was blacked out and all videos were removed due to a court threatening Pete that they would take his daughter unless he quit the Pervert Pete persona on YouTube. On May 27, 2016, the character was officially killed off.

The Return of Pervert Pete

On May 18, 2017, almost a year after having to "Kill off" Pervert Pete, Gary announced that the character was able to return to YouTube. It was explained that Pervert Pete had to go "into hiding" due to some legal issues. The day the character returned, 47 of Pete's videos where made public once again on the channel (including all Dating Ariane videos and all gaming videos). All Omegle videos were deleted, due to them being the reason why Pervert Pete was killed off in the first place. Over time, Gary will be re editing them and putting them as compilations on his channel (as Retro Pete). He will also be adding new Pervert Pete videos.

The End Of Pervert Pete

In May 2019, YouTube officially terminated the ALilCrankCrank Pervert Pete YouTube channel due to what they claim as, violence violations. It was obviously terminated due to the new unspoken rules created by YouTube for the AdPocolypse 2.0. In the end, the channel peaked with over 107,000 subscribers and just under 10 million views

The Pervert Pete Show Comeback

With the end of the original ALilCrankCrank Pervert Pete channel, Pervert Pete has made a new channel, The Pervert Pete Show. He also has his own website at as well as posting videos on the Gary Gabagool YouTube channel. Now with not focusing on YouTube, Pervert Pete has branched out into making uncensored video that are able to be on his website, as well as The Pervert Pete Show Podcast on his YouTube channel.


Pervert Pete Funniest Omegle Moments Volume 1

Pervert Pete Funniest Omegle Moments Volume 1

Pervert Pete Funniest Omegle Moments Volume 2

Pervert Pete Funniest Omegle Moments Volume 2

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