Peter Day makes Film-Related Videos
Peter Day was born in England
Peter Day is male
Peter Day created their account in 2010
Peter Day is a Content Creator on YouTube

Peter Day, formerly known as Daytime and GenericMilk, is an English YouTube filmmaker known for his documentary series. He rose to prominence quickly, gaining 1,000 subscribers in a week on YouTube. He has been working with the likes of Bobsheaux, Joisah Clark, I Hate Everything, Colossal is Crazy and TommyC to make films.

Personal Life

Peter has a diploma in informational technology and works for a Holiday firm in the United Kingdom managing the website. He has worked for many agencies in the past creating a vast array of websites. He lives in Kent with his Partner. 


Peter created his channel in 2010. Primarily before making films, Peter used to work in music production and has created various remixes of films and has worked predominately on hip hop music.

When the Derek Savage incident took place in November 2015, Peter created a website review of Savage's website to add to the discussion on the matter. The result caused him to skyrocket in popularity and further the ILOOKAT brand.

In 2016 the YouTube user: Mush created a theme song for his show and he has been using it ever since. 


ILOOKAT is the series run by Peter Day where he looks at websites (or on occasion, games, and videos).

He started this when he was impacted on the Derek Savage craze on the internet so he decided to look at his poorly made website. Soon after that he was given lots of support to make more videos and thus ILOOKAT was made into the amazing series it is today. Once the series took off he began to get more and more interactive with his audience so he started doing livestreams to look at sites that were not big enough to make an entire video on about.


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