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Peter Knetter (born: July 21, 1996 (1996-07-21) [age 23]), also known as Patter Natter, is a Gaming & Entertainment YouTuber that is known for his series, "YouTube In" where he tries to do YouTube Content on various OSs and consoles, and sonic gaming content.


Peter first started his 1st channel in 2010, MyRedYoshi. The channel only uploaded around 15 videos before no longer uploading in 2012. 2 years later in 2014, Peter created the Peter Knetter channel. The channel was originally a discussion, YTP, and reaction channel. After a while, Peter Knetter's YTPs started to gain traction, which gave him his most popular video, Sonic Boom YTP: Stix Beats Sonic to Death. Peter mocked the video on recording, making fun of the edits he did (Looping clips, Loud Noises, Reversing clips, etc.), and then saying the view count, basically saying he didn't have to do much to get 6 million views. He moved on to making his series, What's Up With, where he discusses a game or topic. After around 2 years of this series, Peter started to introduce more series, which are:

  • Youtube In, a series where he uses old hardware and attempts to do stuff for YouTube and Twitter.
  • Trapped in, a series where he traps himself in a browser not allowed to use the search bar, and asks his Twitter fans to send him links to keep him occupied.
  • Bad Ads, a series where he views ads and poke fun at them.
  • Amazon/Ebay shopping a series about viewing products on either site and making jokes about them.
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