Phantom Arcade is an Animator
Phantom Arcade is male
Phantom Arcade created their account in 2015
Phantom Arcade is a Content Creator on YouTube

David Brown, better known online as Phantom Arcade, is a YouTube animator. He is best known for being the animator and one of the art designers of the 2020 video game Friday Night Funkin' and his guest appearances on OneyPlays.


In 2001, David watched an animated video known as "Stickmen on Crack." After watching this, he was inspired to become an animator on NewGrounds and ended up producing a number of animated shorts. David ended up uploading a handful of the animated video game parodies in the year 2017. These include such videos as Kappn' Gets Smashy" (Animal Crossing parody) and REBIDENT EBIL" (Resident Evil parody). He also make his own original animations, such as "Brad n Dan Amiibutt Unboxing" and "Get Creamed! Trailer."


In 2019, Dave guest stared on the channel known as "OneyPlays." He appeared in "Oney Plays The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker," and "Oney Plays Resident Evil 2 (2019)," "Oney Plays Devil May Cry 5," and more.


  • In 2018, Dave participated in a YouTube animation collaboration for the video game, "Smash Bros."
  • In 2020, he, musician Kawai Sprite, game developer Ninjamuffin99 and fellow artist Evilsk8r collaborated to make Newgrounds game Friday Night Funkin'.
  • In a Funkin Forward Direct, He lives in Malaysia.