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Jefferson, better known online as Phoen!xFilms in the YouTube community, does YouTube videos mainly about Intro Songs just like the one shown in this video.


Jefferson was born in October 25th, 2006 and raised in New Jersey. He joined YouTube on April 23, 2017 although Jefferson had a old channel named 'EnderboyPlayzRoblox' and was made earlier around the same year. Although, he quit that channel for personal reasons. After that,  Phoenix started watching ALOT of roblox videos which inspired him to make a new channel called 'EnderboyPlayzRoblox' (The channel's first name). After time passes, Phoenix met his first ever YouTube friend named 'seoman101' and made a Roblox 'Jailbreak' video with him where Phoenix introduces seoman101 about 'Jailbreak' for the first time. As time passes by again, Alex came upon a YouTuber named 'JSFilms - Roblox' (now named 'JS') and JSFilms - Roblox made Intro Song videos which Phoenix has been inspired to do till this day. And then, his YouTube milestone began! Phoenix also met other YouTube friends along the way too.

How he grew and was recognized overtime!

A few days ago before Phoenix ever knew about 'JSFilms - Roblox' and wanted to start doing 'Intro Song' videos, he decided to change up his channel since he was gonna make new content. Afterwards, Phoenix made a video called 'changing my life FOREVER..........' where he changes his YouTube channel name to 'PhoenixGaming' for the first time. 'PhoenixGaming' finally got a Audio Visualizer that actually made him able to do 'Intro Song' videos at last! He started his first intro song video named 'PhoenixGaming New Intro Song (FWLR - Who's Dis) {60&50 subs special!}'. Phoenix then made a video called 'JS Films New Intro Song' and after a few days pass, JSFilms commented on his video! Phoenix was greatly happy! After that, he continued on making more intro songs which actually led to Phoenix gettings lots and lots of subscribers and then eventually he changed he channel name alot and hit 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 subs! Although he only uploaded 1 gaming during his time and hasn't done one ever since. Phoenix was also busy with school work during his career but still seems to be make new videos! "If it wasn't for me finding JSFilms on YouTube and him making those amazing 'Intro Song' videos then i wouldn't be where I am right now, successful, and greatly happy, THANK YOU JS!" says Jefferson a.k.a PhoenixFilms.

RedLion Intro Song (Song Suggestion)-1566945487

RedLion Intro Song (Song Suggestion)-1566945487

Changing my life FOREVER.........

Changing my life FOREVER..........-0

This is the video where 'EnderboyPlayzRoblox' decided to change his name to 'PhoenixGaming'

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