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Phoenix SC has more than One Million Subscribers
Phoenix SC plays video games
Phoenix SC is from New Zealand
Phoenix SC is male
Phoenix SC created their account in 2014
Phoenix SC is a Content Creator on YouTube

Hamish Chau (born: January 10, 1995 (1995-01-10) [age 27]) better known online as Phoenix SC (also known as Phnixhamsta), is a New Zealander YouTuber living in Australia who uploads a wide variety of Minecraft videos. He is also a streamer, a developer and a law graduate.


He uploads a wide variety of Minecraft videos. These videos include:

  • Minecraft update showcases
  • Minecraft tutorials
  • Minecraft memes ("cursed images")
  • Entertaining Minecraft videos
  • In-depth coding Minecraft livestreams
  • Minecraft modding videos
  • Map making (such as Among Us in Minecraft)


He launched his YouTube channel on August 30, 2014, and uploaded his first video a day later on August 31, 2014.

He gained a lot of recognition from his "Cursed Images" series where he recreates oddities and creepy images in Minecraft.

His account was suspended on November 8, 2020, but was reinstated the following day on November 9, 2020.


  • Minecraft is pretty much the only video game he plays.
  • He is into retro/synthwave music.
  • He has stated that he "could have been a football player. Or a swimmer. Maybe an actor in another life."
  • He can play three musical instruments, but is only really good at the piano.
  • He is not bad at card magic.
  • He is from New Zealand, and currently lives in Australia.
  • He doesn't like the color orange.
  • His outro music in most of his videos is called "Sad Past".
  • He is of Chinese descent.
  • He is the kickstarter of Fundy's channel, shouting him out in Minecraft,Thanks I Hate It when Fundy only had 400 subscribers.[1]