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Phrenotopia (formerly Phrenomythic), is an educational channel that goes over a range of different topics with the common theme being speculative science. The videos range in length and combine full screen images, video clips, slides and some light animation. 

The main topics are alternate history, speculative alien zoology and a scientific (or psychoanalytical) look at popular culture items like movies, shows and games. These topics are roughly organized in the following playlists: 

  • Alternate Afterthought - Alternate history scenarios
  • Alien Analysis - Speculative zoology of alien worlds
  • Digital Dimension - Analysis of video game tropes and related issues
  • What Movies Mean - Psychoanalysis of movies

The channel's original focus, and channel name, was actually the latter topic ("What Movies Mean"). However, this didn't attract a lot of attention and the channel's growth remained stagnant. Then a script that was originally submitted as an entry to a competition on Alternate History Hub was instead turned into the video titled "What if the Vikings had stayed in North America?". This video went viral, boosting the channel, and subsequently more alternate history videos were released. Over time, the two additional, more scientific topics were added centering on biology and evolution.

There are different collaborations with other educational YouTubers such as KhAnubis, CogitoEdum, Astro-Biological, ParallaxNick and PZ Myers. The creator has ties with From Nothing, History With Hilbert and Step Back History, as well as others. 

All of the videos have closed captions.

The creator is based in Denmark but originally comes from the Netherlands, and he has an account on the wiki as Phrenomythic.

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