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PickSurprise is a Welsh YouTuber who creates a multitude of videos ranging from exposing discord pedophiles to reviewing a YouTuber and their content. 


PickSurprise's early videos consisted of vlogs such as him playing with his dog or playing with his friends. These videos also included lego animations.

In 2014 after these videos were made he started to create Skate 3 videos and a single YTP video about Adventure Time.

In 2015 after these videos were made he started to upload many lets play videos consisting of games such as Call of Duty, Oblivion and GTA 5.

In 2016, PickSurprise started to create skating videos and GMod animations largly inspired by the GMod animator Kitty0706. One of these animations being an animation called My SPECTACULAR day at college (GMOD animation).[1] Once these videos came out his popularity was boosted but the video that gained the most traction was a gmod animation called Half Life 2 in a nutshell (GMOD Animation parody).[2]

In 2017, PickSurprise created a series called Fridays with Pick but with only 3 episodes haveever been made. But during this time he created a video called Channel Checker: LizzietheRATcicle15[3] In which he called out LizzieTheRatcicle15 for being lazy and putting no effort into her videos. After this video, he created his last ever gmod animation called 10 steps on how to be PickSurprise (GMOD Animation) with him creating commentary videos after this point. As he was creating videos, on of them caused his subscriber count to grow very quickly, this video being the channel checker on Omega the Squid .[4]

Currently his most popular series is Discord Predator Hunting and has helped him gain the most traction on YouTube.


  • He is the renowned creator of Head Crab Gone Retarded.
  • He weighs 20kg while soaking wet.


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