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Pikachu0z is a ranter on YouTube who makes rants and commentaries. He is most popular for random conflicts against YouTube Users such as Spax3 , ilovetohate and Denisejoas2 /3 because of his conflicts he is considered on of the biggest assholes on YouTube by his haters but his fans widely love his videos and defend him.

Early Videos

Pikachu0z had an account by the name of Lugia0 for reasons unknown he close the account and opened Pikachu0z he started making various videos about video games and cartoons and eventualy made a video called My 2 cents on Spax3 and it got attention starting his first conflict. He made videos about Spax Until it just died off the conflict helped his poularity.

Denisejoans and ilovetohate

After the ordeals with Spax3 Pikachu0z made a comment or a rant about the Jonas Brothers and their Fangirls and He got the attention of ilovetohate a Joans Brothers fangirl who began to slander his name in her videos He made videos back to respond to her she eventually closed her account. ilovetohate cameback as denisejonas2 another fangirl who began to slander Pikachu0z she is the reason for his high success she to disappered into the shadows. But denisejonas2 came back once again.........but as we now know her as denisejonas3 even worsse at her crap!

Pikachu0z Current

Pikachu0z still deals with the fangirls but has started to ignore them to go back to basics and make rants on different subjects Such as Justin Bieber and Fred He also Appears in other ranters videos Such as users Mariox2585 another ranter and with Nintendofruitbasket .

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