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Pinkfong is a YouTube channel that is owned by Pinkfong which is based in South Korea. This would be used by animations that are tailored to young children in various different languages that relate to a story. They are also known for Baby Shark, and they are educational. The videos are usually less than two minutes long and are animated, and there are various themes. The other languages featured on this channel and affiliate channels. They also made 1 series pinkfong on YouTube Pinkfong classical music


  • Baby Shark is the most disliked videos on the channel.
  • The videos are in Creative Commons.
  • The videos are claimed to be created by experts.
  • The website link is a Korean domain, but the country listed on the channel claims it's from the United States.
  • Baby Shark was also the most popular video which reached 3.46 billion views and reached number 8 in the most viewed YouTube music videos against Sorry by Justin Bieber and Sugar by Maroon 5.
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