Pixelcraftian is an Animator
Pixelcraftian plays video games
Pixelcraftian is from England
Pixelcraftian is male
Pixelcraftian created their account in 2015
Pixelcraftian is a Content Creator on YouTube

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Pixelcraftian also known as Pixel, is an English YouTuber who makes animations based on video games, which is specifically Super Mario Bros content.


The Pixelcraftian channel has some history over video topics, first being Minecraft Animation, then Minecraft Gameplay and Machinima, then Animation as a whole. He has moved from Kirby Animation to Mario Animation (officially cancelling the Kirby Animation series, Waddle Dee Delight, on March 2nd 2021)


  • Pixel uses Adobe Animate 2019 to animate his videos.
    • In addition, he uses Adobe Premiere Pro 2019 to edit and upload videos.
  • Pixel has two known brothers, the smaller one being "Luaxian" and the bigger one being "TommyCBricks".
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