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And so with that, thank you guys for watching, comment like and subscribe, and I will see you guys later. Byeee!

―Plainrock124's outro

King Liang (born: February 4, 1999 (1999-02-04) [age 25]), better known online as Plainrock124, is an American YouTuber known for smashing tech (in a series known as Bored Smashing) and creating other comedic videos involving gaming, electronics, etc. He was born in Yakima, Washington and currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, Or Flagstaff, Arizona.

Personal Life[]

King was born on February 4, 1999 in Yakima, Washington. His family later moved to Flagstaff, Arizona, where he currently resides. He graduated from high school in 2017 and went to community college before dropping out to pursue a full-time YouTube career. He is asexual, which was confirmed in a Q&A video[1]. He is 5'7" (170 centimeters) tall[2], and weighs 145 pounds (66 kilograms). He has one sibling.


50 Ways to Break[]

50 Ways To Break is a series where he smashes a certain electronic product in 50 different ways by making up short skits. Typically, the first two ways are dropping it on the floor and dropping it in the water, along with the last two ways of typically smashing it with a hammer fifty times and re-watching or recapping the video.

One of the most successful videos based on this series is 25 WAYS TO BREAK A NINTENDO SWITCH LITE, which is currently the most viewed video on his channel and created a sequel to this series three years later.

Bored Smashing[]

Bored Smashing is one of the most popular series on this channel, where King performs various ways to smash electronics that he purchased. The electronics he destroys varies from smartphones, gaming consoles, and computers. He also made a mini-series affiliated to this series called, "Bored Smashing: Grocery Store Phones" where he buys a phone from a grocery store or on EBay and then smashes it. Along with that, he created a short-lived series called "Bored Smashing Week" where he uploads a video everyday of the week where he smashes anything, especially video game consoles.

Moving On...[]

Moving On... is a series where King usually unboxes a product and includes a skit about upgrading it.

How to Flex[]

How to Flex is basically a series where King teaches how to "weirdly" flex on a specific item.

2 Generous 4 U[]

2 Generous 4 U is a series that’s rarely made for the channel where King gives friends/relatives a gift.


HOW NOT TO UNBOX is a series where King makes an unboxing video of certain electronic devices in improper ways. There’s also a series related to HOW (NOT) TO but it exclusively focuses on unboxing various products. This series usually resolves around the Nintendo Switch.

every (thing the video is focused on)[]

every (thing the video is focused on) is a series where King makes a skit about something, mainly sterotypes of things.


King started his YouTube channel on August 24, 2011, and begins to upload videos on November 24, 2011. He is also known for being a Nintendo and Apple fanboy (or an iSheep).

He is of Chinese descent, being Chinese, his dad believes in the "good luck bad luck ugly luck" idea as made clear in his video about his dad taking his license plate off his Tesla because it had the number 14 on it ("4" in Chinese sounds similar to "death" in Chinese, and therefore, it is considered a bad luck).

He currently resides in both Flagstaff, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nevada as seen and heard in his videos. As mentioned in Bored Smashing - TESLA MODEL S, he mentions he likes Windows 7. In another Q&A video, it is also mentioned that if he was a Windows fanboy, his favorite operating system would be Windows 10. He used to make videos on Vine, and gained a decent number of followers.

He also dislikes Dell (as well as their gaming laptop brand Alienware) due to their reliability. Because of this, he often makes jokes that mocks Dell in his videos.

Second channel[]

King has a second channel named PlainrockVlogs, which was created on January 24, 2015. He uses the channel to film aspects of his life and visiting events he goes to.



According to some Twitter users, Plainrock124 has followed "Valid people taking L's" (ValidLs), a transphobic Twitter account, showing transgender people "taking L's". Some also noted that he followed "Libs of TikTok" and "Stonetoss Comics," which are far-right Twitter accounts, along with former US president Donald Trump.

As of June 24, he still follows ValidLs and far-right Twitter accounts like Women Posting L’s and End Wokeness.

Hogwarts and J.K. Rowling[]

In the mist of the ValidLs controversy, some Twitter users interpreted that he supports transphobia because of him attempting to purchase the Hogwarts Legacy Collector’s Edition. According to a tweet made by Plainrock124, he states: "Damn, all the Hogwarts legacy collector's editions are sold out everywhere :(.”

On February 10, Plainrock posted a viral tweet showing items from Hogwarts Legacy torn up. This generated controversy from people outside his fan base misinterpreting him as a boycotter destroying the game.

On Plainrock's video, "HOW NOT TO UNBOX HOGWARTS LEGACY", he mentions the situation about him purchasing the game. He noted that "there are a group of people who want the game to succeed and another to fail", which the reason is "I don't know. I don't use Twitter much". He states that "his stupid destruction content will appeal to everyone" by purchasing and destroying the product. In the pinned comment, Plainrock said "Thanks Twitter for inspiring me to make this video! Wouldn’t have done it without them!! Shout out to you if you came from the viral tweet lol".


  • Laptop: 2021 M1 Max 16" MacBook Pro
    • Secondary Laptop: 2022 M2 MacBook Air
  • Editing Software: Final Cut Pro, iMovie
  • Photo Manipulation Software: Pixelmator
  • Main Camera: Canon EOS R8
  • Main Camera Microphone: RODE Video Mic Pro Plus w/Rode DeadCat VMPR+
  • Vlog Camera/Secondary Camera: Sony ZV-1 M2/ iPhone 14 Pro
  • Slo-Mo Camera/Underwater Camera: iPhone 14 Pro
  • For April Fools 2022: Super Game Boy & Game Boy Camera
  • For April Fools 2022: PlayStation Vita
  • Previously: Insignia NS-DV720P
  • Previously: Kodak HD PlayTouch Zi10


  • "Hey, guys!" (His intro)
  • "Welcome to Bored Smashing!" (His other intro)
  • "So, what's the lesson of this video? Never forget where you came from... and there's a reason why you left!" (right before "lighting" his house "on fire")
  • "Aiya, King, you die right now!" (As his mother)
  • "I hit one million subscribers! AAAAAAAAAA" (Upon hitting 1 million subscribers on a live stream)
  • "I do all sorts of videos that require some or a lot of production value!"
  • "But Plainrocky123, you're Asian! That means you must overachieve everything at school!" (An old running gag)
  • "What piece of technology are you destroying?"
  • "You wanna know why I drink bleach every night? CenturyLink!"
  • "Where did you get it from?"
  • "I was just kidding."
  • "The bossfight of tech destruction videos, and perhaps, the peak of my YouTube career? Hopefully not." (Referring to destroying a Tesla Model S)
  • "You both are brain dead morons, the Nintendo Switch is obviously the best console."
  • "Yes, the superior next gen console is here."
  • "Out of the way grandpas! Make way for, the future!"
  • "Congratulations! You just won my giveaway!"
  • "The PS5 kinda looks like a clam."
  • "Oh wait, it better not be on the Model S too."
  • "Ha! Good for you for ordering diet coke!"
  • "Switch a switch with a Switch."
  • "*laughing* Wait, what the heck!? That's the newest Splatfest!? How can I show everyone how confident I am in ketchup!? Hmm... I know! I'll make a post saying that if mayo wins, I'll throw my switch in a lake! Yeah."
  • "*sigh* Well, a promise is a promise."
  • "Welcome back to a new series on Gizmoslip called... drunk drop test. If you're device can survive a night of drinking then it can survive any... thing. Today on drunk test drops we have the Switch by Sony."
  • "Wow, it is completely... okay."
  • "Wow, this thing is as durable as my life choices."
  • "It's not faring very well to a knife... like my ex."
  • "You wanna know why it takes me so long to upload videos? CenturyLink! You wanna know why it takes me so long to submit homework? CenturyLink! You wanna know why my videos aren't 720p? Because of CenturyLink. Exporting the video from Final Cut Pro, importing it into iMovie, and exporting again so the file size would be smaller and faster to upload!" (I HATE CENTURYLINK)
  • "When will 50 Ways To Break a (Thing) come out?"
  • "Dammit! Why won't you just diiieee!" (50 WAYS TO BREAK A MACBOOK)
  • "Let's hate on it for no reason!"
  • "Why isn't it the same click?!" (50 WAYS TO BREAK A NINTENDO SWITCH)
  • "And so with that, thank you guys for watching, comment like and subscribe, and I'll see you guys later. Bye!" (His outro)
  • "I'm putting myself up for adoption."
  • "It hit the ground it hit the ground!"
  • "Now I can finally voice chat!"
  • "Get that last one!"
  • "That's not how you play this game."
  • "Huh!? What was that!?"
  • "I don't think I liked it."
  • "I only kinda expected this to happen."
  • "Now stay, before I replace you again."
  • "I got it at my local college's surplus store!" (My Vintage Mac Collection)
  • "LG, Life's good, I've heard life gets harder when you're older, and the fun stuff's just for kids. But I realized when I grow up, that it's just a hit or miss."
  • "Check out my Tesla!" (Referring to his former car, which was a Tesla Model S)
  • "This is a 4-star Hilton, while you are a 2-star Days Inn!"
  • "I chose this one because... square!" (Referring to his shower head)
  • "My first smashing video was with a water gun" (King's oldest video is of him smashing a Tamagochi)
  • "Buyers of these will probably have to use the smallest ones, since their ears aren't big enough to hear good music!" (Referring to earbuds from the BTS-edition Samsung Galaxy)
  • "Honestly, my fanbase is kind of embarrassing too, but what are you gonna do about it?" (Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES! Episode 15, reversed)
  • "I accidentally dented it!!!"
  • "Wait, that is a MacBook, stuck in a tree."
  • "Hmm, where did I put my new MacBook?”
  • "What the frick! No... WHAT THE FU-"
  • "Do I look like a channel with over 500K/1 million/2 million subscribers?"
  • “DAMMIT, I SET IT TO THE WRONG LANGUAGE!" (Bored Smashing - PS5)
  • "I cook!" (His personal chef in Bored Smashing - ROLEX)
  • "Ooh! I love this song!"
  • "Oh no guys- I accidentally broke the washing machine!"
  • "THAT SON OF A B**CH!" (Little Timmy from 50 WAYS TO BREAK A PS5 & XBOX Series S)
  • "Subaru, your patriarchy is making your cars.. SEXIIIII-" (Feminist Jones from 50 WAYS TO BREAK A MACBOOK)
  • "Excuse me for a second… FUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!" (Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES! Episode 16)
  • "Apparently, licking blood isn't good for you"
  • ”Switch a light switch with a Switch Lite!“
  • "THIS IS 2022! NOT 1984!" (CAN I USE iPOD IN 2022?)
  • "You gotta be f**king kidding me! A thousand dollars wasted over a stupid pun!" (50 WAYS TO BREAK A MACBOOK)
  • "Ew, reading! Good thing books aren't waterproof!" (Bored Smashing - APPLE WATCH ULTRA)
  • "Kim Jong-Un is not dead!" (Bored Smashing - GROCERY STORE PHONES! Episode 15)
  • "Hey guys! Welcome back to 2023. New year, new me" (Bored Smashing - META QUEST PRO)
  • "I'm not crazy... I'm INSANE!" (BUYING EVERY WII FIT COPY I SEE)
  • "Hello, DIVORCE!?" (Telephone scene in 25 WAYS TO BREAK A SWITCH LITE)
  • "Bored wasting, money!" (Bored Smashing - NEW 2DS XL: Pikachu Edition!)

Deleted Videos[]

Video Name Custom Thumbnail? Status About The Video
Bored Smashing - Water Gun! No, Found Lost King smashes his old Chinese water gun.
Bored Smashing - Paper Shredder! No, Found Lost King smashes a paper shredder.
Bored Smashing - Cell Phone! (LG VX5500) No, Found Lost King smashes his old phone, the LG VX5500, which was already broken due to a classmate pulling on it to hard and it having a white screen.
Bored Smashing - Drawn to Life! No, Lost Lost King smashes Drawn to Life with a flashlight and hammer.
Bored Smashing - VHS Tapes! No, Found Lost King smashes 2 VHS Tapes from his local library, deleted due to copyrighted music which was Bad Day by Daniel Powter.
Is "App Trailers" Legit??? Yes, Found Found King tests App Trailers.
Is "App Nana" Legit??? Yes, Found Found King tests App Nana.
App Nana Free Friend Code! Get 2000 Nanas! No, Found Lost King shows his App Nana Friend Code, in result, you get 2000 nanas.
SCHOOL'S OUT+GIVEAWAY! No, Found Lost King smashes school supplies while holding a bookmark giveaway of a Bowser bookmark from Club Nintendo.
AWESOME BOOKMARK GIVEAWAY! No, Lost Lost Part 2 of King's Bookmark giveaway.
I HATE THE FINEBROS Yes, Found Found King rants about TheFineBros.
SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! please... Yes, Found Partially Found King annouces his Patreon.
NEW VLOGGING CHANNEL! Yes, Found Partially Found King annouces his vlog channel.
Fake Accounts? Please Watch. No, Found Found King talks about an impersonator.
Spanish Ghost Adventures! PARODY Yes, Found Partially Found A spanish parody school project.
TELL ME HOW TO SMASH THIS GAMING PC Yes, Found Found King tells them to smash a gaming PC.
Bored Smashing - ACTUAL TESLA MODEL S (original upload) Yes, Found Lost King smashes a Tesla Model S.

Subscriber Milestones[]

  • 40 subscribers: January 21, 2014[3]
  • 100 subscribers: June 21, 2014
  • 200 subscribers: September 3, 2014
  • 300 subscribers: November 14, 2014
  • 500 subscribers: February 1, 2015
  • 600 subscribers: February 14, 2015
  • 700 subscribers: February 28, 2015
  • 1,000 subscribers: March 23, 2015
  • 2,000 subscribers: June 15, 2015
  • 3,000 subscribers: July 26, 2015
  • 5,000 subscribers: August 29, 2015
  • 8,000 subscribers: May 1, 2016
  • 10,000 subscribers: July 29, 2016[4]
  • 50,000 subscribers: January 19, 2017
  • 80,000 subscribers: February 14, 2017
  • 100,000 subscribers: March 22, 2017
  • 124,000 subscribers: May 29, 2017
  • 150,000 subscribers: August 31, 2017
  • Silver play button: September 16, 2017
  • 200,000 subscribers: November 14, 2017
  • 300,000 subscribers: February 14, 2018
  • 500,000 subscribers: November 7, 2018
  • 1 million subscribers: February 15, 2020
  • 2 million subscribers: February 13, 2022


  • He is of Chinese descent.
  • King once said the inspiration of his name was "Plainrock" was that he loved plain rocks.
  • King often hates giveaways but won a giveaway from CNET for a Vine contest chosen for the series on CNET called "Apple Byte", hosted by Brian Tong.  
    • He won some stickers, a car phone mount and a holiday inside a 90's boombox.
  • He used to make videos other than technology, like pranking call scammers, recording videos at a classroom or outside of school, and more.
    • Some of these videos became popular.
  • Plainrock owns many Apple products and has a series based on his collection of vintage Apple products.
    • He once edited a part of a video on an iMac G3.
  • According to his video "MY GREATEST MISTAKES" on his vlog channel, the first camera he had was an Insignia Camcorder. This was later proven in the Video "MY FIRST YOUTUBE CAMERAS"
    • When he bought it in 2011 (the same year his channel was created), his parents had to get it for him in a refurbished condition from Best Buy.
    • When he tried to insert a Micro SD card in the camera's slot, it wouldn't lock into place, so he had to wrap it in duct tape, and the buttons would also fall off. When he told his mother about this, she tried to return it, but they wouldn't accept it for unknown reasons, so he bought another one in new condition and put his refurbished one in his second box.
    • King eventually broke this one and replaced it with the Kodak PlayTouch.
    • King considered changing his channel name from "Plainrock124" to "Plainrock Productions" at one point but backed off on it because he already got attached to "Plainrock124".
    • The channel was originally titled "plainrock124" in all lowercase, but then it changed eventually so letter P can be capitalized.
    • The first Bored Smashing video was not the Tamagotchi, it was where he smashes a water gun.
      • The video got removed due to copyright.
      • King said in one of his videos that he doesn't have any of the files left of the Bored Smashing video.
  • King shaved his head bald twice, in 2020 and 2021.
  • The video, "Bored Smashing - ACTUAL TESLA MODEL S" uploaded on his main channel video got age restricted by the Community Guidelines. After the age restriction, King (Plainrock124) re-uploaded the video but briefing a warning to not recreate the content in the video.
  • King showed a picture of the PlayStation 5 in his garage and tweeting about it saying "I can't believe they sent me one when they know what I'm gonna do to it #PS5" in which it was revealed the only photoshopped from a Starbucks coffee bag.
  • King is shown to have Mageirocophobia[5], where he doesn’t like to cook from a gas stove because they remind him of an explosion.
  • He has appeared as a guest on the podcast, SomeOrdinaryPodcast, hosted by SomeOrdinaryGamers, Oompaville, and Nux Taku.
  • He was at one point / currently is a mouth-breather.
    • He got a surgery for his nose, called a "Septoplasty" so he could breathe better. the Septoplasty didn't work.[6]
  • In a (now deleted) tweet, King announced that he created a Facebook and Snapchat account on October 10th, 2022.[7]
  • King's known for liking teen sitcom shows, especially iCarly.
  • When King started his channel on August 24th 2011, his parents were so cheap they didn’t buy Wi-Fi, so King sat his MacBook Pro on the fence of his house's porch and created his channel on free hotel Wi-Fi that he wasn’t authorised to use.