A YouTube playlist is a list of videos that is compiled by users in order to be played in the sequential, ascending order by which the videos are added. The videos usually come from other YouTube users and are usually compiled for any theme that the creating user may desire; multiple playlists can be created by a single user/channel, and users can subscribe to a playlist without having to subscribe to the user/playlist creator account.

Playlists were first introduced to YouTube in 2008 after YouTube's groups were removed from in-site search indexing. Groups were previously used as a means to collaboratively add relevant videos to a common group pool of videos. However, playlists continue to lack the collaborative adding of videos.

Playlists as shows

Featured or sponsored playlists are designated as "shows" as of 2009. These are usually paid for by content producers in order to show full episodes of series, including syndicated television series, pre-broadcasted shows and web originals.


Since the introduction of playlists to YouTube, competing video hosting sites have also added similar features to their sites.

  • In 2009, released a "channels" feature in which users can group their own videos into specific sequential collections for playback.
  • In 2009, released a "channels" or "collections" feature which accomplishes similar goals.

However, other sites' implementations don't allow for users to compile playlists which include the videos of other users.

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