Pleasant Green is a Vlogger
Pleasant Green is a Commentator
Pleasant Green is from the United States
Pleasant Green is male
Pleasant Green created their account in 2014
Pleasant Green is a Content Creator on YouTube

Ben Taylor (born 1984), better known online as Pleasant Green, is an American YouTuber and caller. His channel revolves around him trying to get information about scams such as by Nigerian scams, check scams, etc.

Some of the earlier videos are about his adventures in Liberia, and there is a bonus video about getting a Popeyes chicken sandwich. Some videos have a voiceover from somebody on Fiverr, and there are some notable incidents. His name for the scammers is Ben Dover or Benjamin Dover for the scammers (Bend Over), and he lives in the Salt Lake City area.

He has currently dealt with internet scams on resell websites along with fake phone calls. He does not do scambaiting since he tends to have a more positive attitude towards strangers in the video.


  • Scammers got revenge on him by putting his PO Box to a tourism website which led to a lot of junk mail.
  • He once tried to join a fake version of the Illuminati on WhatsApp which revolved around membership fees and free cars.
  • He sent a fax and mailed excretion before.


  • His first video in 4k was published on January 27, 2014.[3]
  • He is married[4] and has a disabled child.[5]
  • He is a member of the Church of Latter Day Saints.[6]
  • He is an Adjunct Professor at Weber State University and teaches entry level college courses in public speaking, media writing and small group communication.[7]


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