Podcrash (founded by Podcrash Matt & Podcrash Jord but also known as Mattie400 and FlubbaJubba ingame), is a british dual commentary channel made by friends Matt and Jord, who are best known for making multiplayer Minecraft minigames, in particular Cops and Robbers, as well as recreating the Runescape world in Minecraft. They have recorded videos with famous YouTubers such SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, Setosorcerer and other members and friends of Team Crafted.

As of June 2017, they have gained 55,000+ subscribers.

Runescape in Minecraft

Podcrash started their channel uploading videos on their project to rebuild the Runescape world in Minecraft. To date, they have built all of the F2P world and part of the member's world, including the mainland up to Catherby, the island of Entrana, and the southern landscape of Karamja.

This project caught the attention of old Runescape YouTubers such as Setosorcerer and Gizzy Gazza, giving Podcrash contacts with other YouTubers as well.

This project has since been restarted under the new name Starfall


Predator was a project that they built alongside Setosorcerer. It was played by SkyDoesMinecraft, Deadlox, MinecraftUniverse, AntVenom and many other YouTubers.

Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers is to this date Podcrash's big success. As of June 2017, it is the 4th most popular project on PlanetMinecraft with 1.1 million + downloads. It is still considered one of the most popular Minecraft minigames of all time.

The Future of Podcrash

Matt and Jord took a break from making videos for Podcrash in early 2015 and since then have been hard at work behind the scenes working on new and interesting projects and in early 2017 the team came back as Podcrash Studios with a renewed focus on gamemode creation and backing new and interesting projects.

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