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―Poofesure, being caught out by Pierre in Wii Sports Baseball

Kienan Robert Kowalski (born: February 16, 1995 (1995-02-16) [age 25]), better known online as Poofesure, is an American comedic gaming YouTuber and Twitch streamer known for playing Wii Sports, Wii Fit, Wii Party, Roblox, Papa Louie Games, Minecraft and Tomodachi Life. He is known for his rages in the game and his "psychopathic" laugh when an unusual moment happens.[1] Kienan's most notable videos are Wii Baseball and other Wii games. He is from Michigan but has moved to Tampa, Florida.[2]


Kienan started his YouTube channel creating Call of Duty content, consisting of commentary, gameplay, and funny moments. His series "LoLz" was the most popular series on his channel, ranging from trolling other players.

Kienan made his now-famous first Wii Sports video in November 2012.

Kienan has been a full-time comedic YouTube channel since 2012, trolling random kids inside the Call of Duty community. In 2017, Kienan made 'Friday The 13th' game trolling videos consistently, and has been averaging over 5,000 views a video and had around 40,000 subscribers.

Ever since the release and rise of Fortnite, Kienan made trolling videos in the franchise. His channel had started getting major growth and had gone from 50,000 subscribers to 140,000 subscribers in 5 months. In June 2018, Kienan made 'Fortnite Hacks' videos, which gave him a big audience from June to September in 2018. In 2019, Kienan has since made different videos such as Wii Sports and Wii Fit, he has found exponential growth from the franchise since July 2019. He now has gone away from Fortnite videos and now plays Wii games and a variety of other miscellaneous games.

Wii Characters


Elisa is Kienan's rival inside Wii, and always had a rivalry in Wii Sports and Wii Fit. She is a professional Wii Tennis character.


Abby is Kienan's Wii 'girlfriend' and he always attempts to impress her by winning any Wii Games. She became notable in Kienan's video '99-0 wii sports baseball attempt but abby keeps ruining it', where Abby (who was Kienan's opponent during the whole video) catches the Baseball to make Kienan get an out. The fans assume she did that because Kienan cheated on Abby with Peach from Mario in a video 'mario super sluggers wii raging and funny moments'.


Tommy is another Wii rival of Kienan in the Wii Sports Resort Basketball and Wii Party's Board Game Island. Tommy is the champion of Wii Basketball and has shown up in Kienan's Wii Basketball and Board Game Island videos. On Tomodachi Life Kienan has nicknamed Tommy “Ass Recker”.


Lucía is another Wii rival of Kienan in Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis. Lucía is the champion of Wii Table Tennis and has shown up in 4 of Kienan's Wii Table Tennis videos.

Customized Mii Characters by Poofesure

Mii Characters currently on Pen Island (Tomodachi Life)

  • beef boss
  • abby (married to beef boss)
  • Alfie, the first child of beef boss and abby
  • Dexter, Third Child of Abby & Beef Boss
  • Fishsticks
  • Moo
  • Pierre (Butthole)
  • gary
  • dudydude
  • Elisa (Poo Breath)
  • Kentaro (married to Silke)
  • Shinnosuke (shinnosuky)
  • Helen (mean helen)
  • Theo (Fivehead) (was married to icarly)
  • Sakura (married to dudydude)
  • Tommy (ass recker)
  • Eva (bball eva)
  • Matt
  • Lucia (Bitch Tits, formerly "loose-e-ya")
  • Silke
  • Oscar (Wiener)
  • Poof (Kienan, Poofesure himself)
  • Misaki (my-sockey)
  • Tyrone (big d ty)
  • Shouta
  • Steve (steeeeve)
  • Toad (Toad from Super Mario Bros and his WIi remote with Wii Motion Plus inside.)
  • Miyu (dora)
  • Grandma (Poofesure's grandma)
  • Grasshoper
  • Steph (Manly step)
  • John Wick
  • Saburo (subaru)
  • Selena Gomez
  • Icarly
  • Asami (Goldfish)
  • Eddy (Spaghetti)
  • Luca (lucapoopa)
  • Rin
  • Hiromasa (hermosa)
  • Kim Jong Un (lil kim)
  • Barb (wii u barb)
  • Toadette
  • Oprah Winfrey (Oprah)
  • Yoko (milf)
  • Chris (girl chris)
  • Jesus
  • Steve Harvey (familyfued)
  • Bob Ross (paint dude)
  • Dr. Phil
  • Obama
  • Chowder (cartoon character)
  • Hank Hill (propane)
  • Scooby-Doo (ruh roh)
  • Snoop Dogg (snoop)
  • Peppa Pig (impeppapig)
  • Bob Ross (paintdude)
  • Michael Jackson (hee hee)
  • papataylor (Papa Louie)
  • Gazpacho (gazpacho)
  • Shrek (shrek)
  • Carl Wheezer (cwasaunt)
  • Flo (Progressive)
  • Flo (Animal Crossing)
  • Albert Einstein (einstein) 
  • Guy Fieri (flavortown)
  • Barb (wii barb) 
  • Araceli (araceli)
  • Alice (a lease)
  • Panini (panini)
  • Britney Spears (britney sp)

Cancelled Residents

  • DadyWaly: Was cancelled after he couldn't forgive Alfie after they had a fight (Later brought back but as a girl).
  • Chewbacca: Was cancelled because Poof forgot to save before his game crashed.
  • Marisa (succubus): Was cancelled because Poof didn't want his own mii dating her.

Subscriber Milestones

  • 1 million subscribers: October 9, 2019


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