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Man is born into the world free. He doesn't ask for his rights to be given to him by an overarching force that holds a gun to his head.

―Zaf/Popkill (Racism, Government & You)

Zaf (born July 12, 2003 (2003-07-12) [age 17]), better known online as Popkill, is an English Political Commentary YouTuber. She was known for comedy and reaction videos; namely her parody tutorial about Micheal P - HOW TO MICHEAL P (SECRETS REVEALED?!). This was released in August 2017, and has amassed over 50,000 views, inspiring a number of YouTube users to create their own Micheal P-style videos. She now uses the Popkill brand to provide libertarian and anarcho-capitalist political commentary, while using a secondary channel (zaf's culthouse ) to upload original music, song covers and vlogs.


Zaf started uploading to YouTube around 2014, using a variety of different aliases and experimenting with different genres, such as fashion and animation reviews. In 2015, she was a member of a podcast called the SnoopCast (ran by YouTuber and friend, Brucesnoop), using her name - Zafera. In March 2015, Zaf started a YouTube channel based around the character Emily Vasquez - created by YouTuber RebelTaxi. He collaborated on two of her videos on the channel by providing vocal covers of two songs in Emily Vasquez's voice. This channel has now been terminated by Zaf .

Commentary and Reaction Videos

Zaf started uploading on the Popkill YouTube channel in 2016, originally under the name MistikOnline. Her first video was uploaded in April 2016, titled 'THE MOST INSANE MOTHER ON YOUTUBE (Margaret Palermo)'. It was a commentary criticizing a YouTuber named Margaret Palermo, who has been causing controversy from 2012 to the present day - alongside her daughter, Venus Angelic.

Zaf's video gained large traction for a beginning YouTuber and amassed over 83,000 views - gaining her roughly 1,300 subscribers . Zaf stated on her now deleted Twitter account that Palermo herself tried to take down the video for copyright reasons, but Zaf was notified in an official YouTube email that her content fell under fair use according to copyright law - no action was taken. However, in August 2016, her video was flagged multiple times by viewers for violating YouTube's then-brand new policy against harassment and bullying, which led to the video being permanently removed from YouTube. No re-uploads of this video have surfaced on the public internet since.

Her uploads shortly after the video, from April to July of 2016, enjoyed high viewer retention - averaging at 1000 views per video. Zaf ran a collaborative channel from early 2016 to early 2017 named Mayo Squad, in which she recorded podcasts, talks and gaming videos with her group of friends; the 'Mayo Squad', mentioned in her now deleted video, 'MAYO'. The channel gained over 100 subscribers before it was closed after one year.

The Birth of Popkill and Comedy Videos

Zaf permanently deleted all of her exisiting videos on Popkill in March 2017, due to "heavily compromised mental health". Some videos were re-uploaded a week later; the last re-upload remains in a playlist on her channel, being a short commentary about the animated TV series Johnny Test (whip). The channel name was changed from GutterJunkie to Popkill in April 2017 - the last of many name changes.

As a result, The focus of Zaf's content was shifted towards traditional comedy, where she often played different original characters. In most of these videos, she performed in a loose monologue format. Her style of comedy was resemblant of alternative internet-based comedians - she labelled MillionDollarExtreme and OnYourComputer as influences, and occasionally utilised gross-out or shock-value humor.

Exceptions to these videos were cross-platform uploads of music created by Zaf, which could also be found on her Soundcloud (tommy gum ). The comedy and music content on Popkill slowly continued for over 3 years, though viewership steadily declined.

Political Commentary

Starting in May 2020, Zaf began to grow an audience at a much faster rate by making politically charged videos on TikTok, under the account @ancapzaf . She brought together her two separate audiences in June 2020, by live streaming on Popkill and announcing another shift in direction (?!?!?!?!). She declared plans to start a web series titled "Political Theorists by Candlelight", where the ideas of random theorists and philosophers would be discussed. A lot of her comedy videos became unlisted.

A few weeks after this live stream, two opinion piece videos were uploaded, establishing her as a staunch anarcho-capitalist. It is unclear whether the aforementioned series will begin, as Zaf has shared work-in-progress videos relating to libertarian political theory and opinions.


  • Zaf wears a Japanese alternative fashion style called Lolita Fashion, showcased in a video on her secondary channel (zaf's culthouse).
  • She stated in a TikTok video that she "tried so hard to be supportive of the Conservative [party]", but her progressive social values and Austrian school economic beliefs left her feeling outcast. It is unknown what British political party she supports - if any.
  • Zaf endorses Jo Jorgensen for the 2020 US Presidential election, but has stated multiple times on Twitter that she will be unhappy regardless of the election results.
  • She attends a college in Nottingham, England.
  • She is a fervent fan of the band Malice Mizer - especially their former guitarist, Mana.
  • Zaf is a self-described 'biromantic asexual'.
  • According to her Neocities website , she is a Christian who is passionate regarding issues of free speech and rights to gun ownership.
  • She is a fan of the YouTube channel SuperMega.
  • She believes that Jeffrey Epstein didn't kill himself.
  • Her favourite book is Johnny the Homicidal Maniac: Director's Cut.
  • Zaf is "ready and willing to fight for GOD, INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM and MANA-SAMA."
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